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The Real Truth About Resistance Training & Adolescents

"But it will stunt their growth"... "but it's dangerous"... "but they'll get injured"... All a load of BS

Not only does it increase their self-confidence... it decreases the risk of injuries... and in these formative years, it instills in them the correct movement patterns that help set the strongest of foundations for physical activity in their future

Plus, once you see what your body is truly capable of you begin to question what else is possible in life...

The Biggest Weakness in Adolescents & How To Rectify It

Adolescents & Young Athletes with this weakness are potentially placing themselves up for injuries and bad habits in the future, are limiting their movements, and losing essential strength & power

Luckily, a simple & incredibly effective approach can be taken to begin turning this weakness into a strength

Long Term Development of Young Athletes Pt 1 - Building the Foundation

Without a solid foundation, nothing sturdy can be built - and when it comes to developing young athletes this foundation is vital

As it's all about helping them become the athlete & person they want to become in the future. And to do so, they need a foundation so strong that it can withstand many years of hard work

Long-Term Development of Young Athletes Pt. 2 - No Shortcut Ever Led Anywhere Worth Going

When it comes to long-term development of young athletes, the name says it all "long-term". And yet, far too many coaches and parents cannot delay gratification and seek for immediate short term results - often coming from taking shortcuts

This can potentially damage the young athlete, as the foundation may not be set properly. And in the future, where we want to see progress and growth, we instead had to take steps back in order to build this foundation...

Long Term Development of Young Athletes Pt. 3- Ultimate Individulisation

There must be an utmost of individualistic approaches taken in everything done with young athletes, as there is severe danger in trying to adopt a one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter approach

The Basics Of Developing Strength in Young Athletes

When it comes to developing strength in young athletes and adolescents, it is quite a simple concept. And yet, far too many people over-complicate it and try to make it sexier than it needs to be

The first key to remember is that their training age is so young, technique and a simple progression is what matters most...

How To Effectively Alleviate The Second Biggest Weakness in Kids, Teens & Young Athletes

What if there was a simple way to minimise the risk of injuries, increase strength + explosiveness + power, AND move more freely...

In the above (v)article, we drop three simple tips that are going to help you do just that

The Biggest Proponent To Ensuring Progress, Growth, And Success

You train hard, don't you? Busting your gut both on the field and in the gym. But progress doesn't find you so easily. It feels like you're spinning your wheels... And when you look at the BIG picture, training is only 5% of the equation. So the question lies in, what are you doing with your other 95%...

In today's (v)article we cover the five key area's you need to get right in order to grow and progress. One of which is an absolute game-changer...

Developing Agility in Young Athletes in an Unconventional Way

When it comes to developing and improving agility, many people will look straight to speed ladders and hurdles

These tools may be beneficial, but when we look at our intention - which is developing this skill for a game day scenario - it must be trained this way... 

Developing Agility in Young Athletes the Unconventional Way Pt.  2

Agility can be developed using unilateral resistance based exercises and focusing on two core principles - enhancing eccentric strength & overcoming inertia. In today's (v)article, we showcase one way we love to tackle each of these principles - the bulgarian split squat...

A Complete Guide To Warming Up

The warm up is an all-important aspect of preparing yourself as best you can for the upcoming training session or game. And yet, far too many people take a poor approach to it and blow it off as a wandering generality...

The Perfect Cool Down Routine for Young Athletes

There are four key components to a great cool down. and in this short (v)article we discuss all four components as per ASCA recommendations - and how young athletes can incorporate them into their routine to help speed up the recovery process

Alleviating Mental Mistakes in Young Athletes

Mental mistakes late in games are oftentimes what defines who comes away victorious. And when you watch many young athletes today, once it hits this final part of the game and all physical energy has been drained, so too has their mental energy

But what if there was a way to train this... to improve mental acuity under fatigue, and help make better decisions in the crucial parts of games...

Developing Explosiveness The Unconventional Way

The "rules" say that developing explosiveness and power should be done whilst fresh at the beginning of a training session

But rules are made to be broken...


Minimising Weaknesses & Correcting Imbalances with Unilateral Movements

Unilateral Movements should form an integral part of a young athletes program for their incredible benefits of minimising weaknesses, alleviating imbalances, and promoting stability through range of motions

And yet, they're heavily under-utilised and oftentimes a second thought to the more dominant bipedal movements... which can become more harmful than imagined

Which Plane of Movement Are You Neglecting

Long-Term Development of young athletes & adolescents is key - no arguments

And an all-encompassing, holistic approach must be utilised in order to help them to the best of our abilities...

Why then, do people often neglect training & developing them through all three planes of movement

Does Sport Specialisation At A Young Age Equate To Future Success...

They say it takes roughly 10,000 hours, or 10 years, to master something

So it would come as no surprise that many people believe for young athletes to reach the pinnacle of their sport they need to specialise in it from an early age...

This isn't the case, however, and can actually be more damaging than we could dream of

The Often Forgotten Power of "Rep Ladders"

There's a simple & easy training scheme that anyone can perform, regardless of their training age/level

It just so happens to also be perfect for young athletes & adolescents due to its ability to allow us to focus on technique and still expose the body to the stimulus required to drive progress & growth

Introducing, the long-forgotten "rep ladder"...

Developing The All Powerful Triple Extension

Olympic Lifts are quite possibly the best way to good about this... but they're incredibly technical & hard to master, however, and have a high risk:reward...

The good news is there are a few derivatives of the Olympic Lifts young athletes can begin using today to help them develop their triple extension and become more powerful & explosive

The Power of Complexes for Young Athletes

Complexes are a phenomenal training tool for young athletes to add to their arsenal. They increase time under tension, work capacity, strength, mental capacity, and technique all in one simple process

Today's (v)article covers complexes, how to structure them, and how to specifically utilize them depending on your goals... plus Coach Nick demonstrates a simple one - which will show you just how tough & humbling they can be

Which Skills Do You Need To Develop?

Young Athlete's & Adolescents are in essence, unique individual snowflakes... each one will need to develop different skills to become the athletes & people they aspire to become

And that's why "blanket" & "cookie cutter" approaches won't work - they don't have the young athletes best interests at heart

Instead, we need to identify which of the 9 key physical and mental skills need to be developed - as only then can we begin helping them become the athletes they aspire to become...

All Things Squat Setup & Cues

The Squat Movement Pattern is a foundational movement that should be at the heart of programming when it comes to long-term development And yet, we find that many young athletes do not know how to set themselves up to squat properly and are in the dark as to how the movement is supposed to "feel"...

Progressing The Squat

When it comes to the long-term development of young athletes, a systematic approach that guarantees progress & minimises the risk of injury is essential... which is why we developed our unique "Graduation System" when it comes to our six primal movement patterns. And above, we cover how we progress through squat exercises

All Things Hip-Hinging

The Hip-Hinge Movement Pattern is a foundational movement that should be at the heart of programming when it comes to long-term development And yet, we find that many young athletes do not know how to set themselves up to hip-hinge properly and are in the dark as to how the movement is supposed to "feel"...

Progressing The Hip Hinge

The hip-hinge is powerful when performed correctly... damaging when not. One of the more complex movements to learn - we love to take a very safe, systematic approach to progressing this movement with our Academy Fam to ensure they're performing it correctly and thus minimising their chances of injuries

All Things Horizontal Pressing & Pulling

The horizontal press & horizontal row are staple movements of any great long-term development program of young athletes We should be rowing 2-3x more than pressing to help strengthen the back and promote proper posture - but what do we do when it comes to setting up to row & press...

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