How Hayden Added 60kg to His Squat and 10kg to His Frame in 8 Weeks

When we first met Yatesy, he squatted 80kg for reasonable triple, and weighed in around 80kg. He was told by his coach that if he wanted to play first grade this year at the age of 18, he needed to add some size. So we set the goal to try and add 10kg

Eight short weeks later and we hit that goal. Plus, he squatted 140kg for a comfortable set of 6 (you can find the video HERE)

Seems like one of this infomercials doesn’t it…

And I’m sure you have it hard-wired into you that “things that sound too good to be true always are”… 

But this is NOT one of those times

This is doable, for almost anyone. And the funniest thing, it’s oh so simple. Simple, but not easy


The only thing different between the likes of Hayden and those who don’t see these results are consistency in training + effort, and a drive to want to succeed. If you’ve got that drive, can stay consistent, and want or need to add strength and size, know that you can

Here’s our biggest tips that helped Hayden (and others now in The Academy) achieve this type of progress

(A quick note/disclaimer: Firstly, all of this was done under the watchful eye of a strength coach, so that form was ALWAYS prioritised. This is not the place or time for ego lifting. Also, from a physiological aspect, these kids are still growing, so nutritionally, common-sense was used - and our in-house Accredited Dietitians helped in this aspect)

Simple Tips For Gaining Mass & Bodyweight:

1) Consistency Breeds Success: Hayden never missed a session over the course of the 8 weeks. He was in the gym three days a week, and often did one other bodyweight session himself over the course of the week

2) The Squat & Linear Progression are KING: Every single session that Hayden was in, we squatted. We began light, and every session we simply added 2.5kg to the bar. Over the course of the 8 weeks and 24 sessions, this equated to our 60kg increase. Sure, there were some days we couldn’t add the 2.5kg, so we simply added 1kg - but on others we were able to add a little more

3) Primal Movements: if we weren’t squatting, we were pushing and pulling through all planes, and carrying heavy things for time or distance. Rep ranges varied, but were generally higher to promote muscle gain, and we often through them in as supersets, ti-sets, and giant sets

4) Don’t Neglect Recovery: we trained for 90mins each session, which was not even 3% of his total time for the week (4.5 hours out of 168 hours). So it wasn’t truly the training that saw his results, it was all in the recovery - that other 97% of his time. In what he ate, and how much, in his stretching and foam rolling. This allowed us to come in every second day and add that little bit more weight, push that little bit harder, and progress. Don’t get caught up in thinking it’s the training that matters most... it’s important, but recovery reigns supreme

5) Eat REAL Food, and Eat More Of It: firstly, he (and you if you’re a teenager or young athlete) is still growing. So nutritionally, we just told him to double what he ate at certain meals. We utilised NO supplements - as they’re only required when the intake is already at it’s best. Hayden weighed himself once a week, first thing every Sunday morning, under the same circumstances. Then, he focused on working hard that week in the gym, and eating to promote recovery. There was no stressing around what was eaten, Hayden just made the best choices he could at given times - so lots of meat, pasta, potatoes, veggies, muesli bars, wholegrain cereal, sandwiches with veggies and meat - simple and effective. As an athlete, you cannot demonise carbohydrates, as they’re your best friend. You need them in moderate amounts for growth, recovery, and energy - you can find more about why these are essential for you in THIS ARTICLE

Honestly, that’s it. Told you it was simple. Simple, but again, not easy

The work needs to be done in the gym, and even more so at home in the kitchen, and at the dinner table

If you’d like so more information around this or have any questions about how you can do it, please feel free to email us - we’d love to help and be of service. Also, if you’d like to try it for yourself you can experience The Academy for FREE FOR A WEEK 

Until next time, train hard and recover harder,
Coach Nick

Nick Maier