The 4 Letter F Word You MUST Quit Using...

Get your mind out of the gutter! We're not talking about the four letter F word you're currently thinking about...

We're talking about something much more powerful and harmful... something that your child cannot even entertain the thought of

And that word... is failure

Why do we need to stop using this word? Well, it doesn't truly exist... As we never truly fail, we only learn... we learn what doesn't work, and what not to do next time

You see, failure is necessary for success. It is an integral component of every single champions story

"I've failed (see: learnt) over and over in my life, and that is why I succeed" - Michael Jordan

Failure needs to be removed from our vocabularies, as far too often the thought of this stops us from taking action

Be mindful around your kids, encourage them to try new things, and to aim bigger... and if something doesn't go their way... help them see it as an opportunity to learn - NOT A FAILURE

As it's not... and the only time you truly do fail is when you QUIT

And we don't breed quitters here, only learners

Nick Maier