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The Youth Academy is the centre of youth development. we’re revolutionising youth development outside of a sport, school and home environment by creating supportive environments that guide and empower the youth to their individual goals


Welcome to The Academy…

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The Academy is proud to announce it's FREE 12 Month Scholarships for TWO Youths of The Hunter region

We're committed to changing the trajectories of the lives of the youth. We provide them with the very best guide and support that encompasses their physical, mental and emotional development. It takes a whole-systems approach to guide the youth in discovering and fighting for their potentials more than they do for their limitations…


What's Involved?
The recipients of the FREE 12 Months Scholarships will receive access to EVERYTHING that The Academy offers, including the following:

  • Unlimited access each week to our Premier Academy Strength & Performance Sessions

  • Individualised Programming specific to their unique needs, goals, requirements & demands

  • Structured 1-on-1 Mental Development Sessions to help them discover direction, gain clarity, create a framework of behaviours and increase their understanding of themselves and the workings of life

  • Ongoing Mindset & Mentoring work, resources, books, and activities encompassing communication, belief, confidence, fear, pressure, anxiety and more…

  • Nutrition consultations/guidance/advice from our in-house Dietitian and Sports Dietitian

  • And much more…

Who Can Apply?
Any males and females between the ages of 10-22yrs who want to become the best versions of themselves and reach that next level, that can attend The Academy at least once a week, and that are willing to do the work and take advantage of this opportunity

How To Apply:
Simply download THIS APPLICATION FORM, fill it out, and email it to nick@theyouthacademy.net.au. We will assess the form and be in touch with successful applicants

How Do I Know If I've Won?
At 7pm on May 24th, we will do a Facebook Live to draw one female and one male winner and announce the winners of our 12 Month Scholarships to The Academy for 2019