How To Channel The Secret of the World's Elite

Success leaves clues

And when you look at the world's elite, there's always one constant that never changes between them... consistency

Regardless of what you want to achieve in sport or life, it's going to take time and consistent hard work. Malcolm Gladwell stated that it takes approximately 10,000 hours to master any given task (about 10 years) - and it's shown to be true wherever you look

There's no such thing as an overnight success. Any state or national level athlete has been working their butt off for years...

Michael Phelps has been swimming since the age of 7... Steve Smith has been playing cricket for about that long too... And LeBron, well, you can guess how long her has been playing basketball

The one thing they all have in common is that consistent hard work over a long period of time. And it's the crucial aspect you must adopt to better yourself at your chosen sport and at life. There is guaranteed to be ups and downs along the way, but it's the consistency that breeds the success. Knowing that being in a 'funk' is not permanent allows you to continue to focus on doing the work to the best of your ability, and taking that one step today toward the bigger goal

Coach Nick Saban, of the Alabama Tide College Football Team, talks about his success with his team, and how it's due to them focusing solely on the process. On doing their job today in training, bettering themselves in that one area... and not focusing on the end outcome. And when it comes to game day, focus on solely that which they can control - their individual performance - and doing their job to help the team win

If they're losing, they don't focus on the scoreboard... they instead focus on executing this next play... and then the next one...  consistently giving their best each and every time

Consistent effort over a long period of time will always beat a skyrocket of effort for a few weeks

If there's one mantra we teach at The Academy, it's what is my intention for today... what am I seeking to get out of today's training session... and then executing on that

It could be to walk away feeling more confident at a specific movement... simply adding 2.5kg to the weight we used last week and hitting perfect reps... or do go all out for 10 minutes on a specific conditioning circuit

Regardless of the session or the athlete, there is always one intention for the training session that day to help them improve. And we focus solely on the process of ticking that one thing off the list

When you look at the common goals many people have, they can be broken down into consistent effort...

- If you need to add a few kg's of muscle to your frame, then you must consistently work hard in the gym, adding a little weight each or more reps each session, and eat to aid recovery and promote weight gain. Doing so for a few weeks will not result in achieving your goal

- If you need to get stronger and add weight to your back squat, then you must consistently get under the bar at least twice a week. And consistently add a little more weight or do a few more reps than you did last week

- If you need to lose a little weight, then you better consistently move almost every day of the week, focus on building strength, and eat to nourish your body

None of these approaches are sexy, and they're very simple, but they work, guaranteed

In a world where everyone wants to do the 'coolest & sexiest' thing they can find, you should be doing the complete opposite. Instead of looking for that 'secret sauce', or the 'shortcut', focus instead on CONSISTENT HARD WORK ON BASIC EXERCISES AND PRINCIPLES

Nick Maier