Newcastle Herald Announces THE ACADEMY Opening

THE NEWCASTLE HERALD, JAN 10, 2017 - The Academy is incredibly excited to announce the opening of its very own facility in Warners Bay, February 2017, ushering in the first ever YOUNG ATHLETE SPECIFIC training, nutrition, and mindset services for the area. The Academy exists for the kids and giving them the premier training, nutrition, and mindset skills needed to achieve and become more

The Hunter region is incredibly blessed to have some talented young athletes in our ranks, and teenagers who deserve more support, guidance and help to build the strongest of foundations for sport and life. As a region, we have produced some incredible athletes such as Mark Johnson, the Johns brothers, and Ben Simmons - but what about those teenagers who may not be so lucky to get that "chance" and desire to chase their dreams...

THE ACADEMY is bridging that gap. By providing the premier training, nutrition, and mindset services to teenagers aged 13-18 playing any sport - and even those who might not be playing sport at this present time

It's about giving them that chance to become more. They all have dreams, and they should be able to chase them. They should have access to expert information from strength coaches, dietitians, and mentoring from people who have walked the path before them

You can read The Newcastle Herald article HERE

Nick Maier