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FOUNDER/Strength & Conditioning COACH/DIETITIAN/chief problem solver

Blessed to have represented his home town of Newcastle in Cricket, and Newcastle & NSW in Baseball, he had the same dream as many young boys - to become a professional athlete. At the age of 16, in 2006, whilst in America for a Baseball camp with the then Florida Marlins, he saw the dream slip through his fingers due to a weak mindset - and blamed in on him being substantially overweight

Determined to change this, Nick lost close to 40kg's over the course of a single summer after listening to all the pseudo-experts and supplement companies... and battled anorexia, orthorexia, depression, and suicidal thoughts for close to 12 months

Now, armed with a Nutrition & Dietetics degree, an Accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach, and close to 10 years experience in Strength Training, Nick is focused on providing the young athletes and teens with nothing but the very best in everything training, nutrition, and mindset. Outside of the gym, Nick loves his coffee, books, beach, and his beloved Liverpool FC

"It's about doing everything we possibly can to give these kids the guidance and support required to help them set the most solid of foundations to achieve success in sport and life & develop themselves into the athletes & people they aspire to become"


- Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics (Honours) from University of Newcastle

- Level I Strength & Conditioning Coach

- Master Trainer with Australian Institute of Fitness

- Cert IV in Fitness: Personal Trainer

- Cert III in Fitness: Group Fitness Instructor



Jesse Hankin

Fascial Stretch Therapist (Level III)

A netballer from the age of 6, Jesse continued playing as a teenager when she relocated to Newcastle. It was due to Netball, that her love of all things sport, movement, and the body developed

Her curiosity of the human body increased after high school when she completed her Fitness Certificates and Diploma. Having built up 10 years experience as a Personal Trainer, it was not until living in Canada that her career would took a huge turn. She was exposed to something called Fascial Stretch Therapy® and after completing Level 1 she never looked back. This opened up a whole new world of possibilities and knowledge that would soon become her primary focus. 

In a nutshell, FST® is assisted stretching by a therapist on a massage table which allows you to relax and reach positions that is near impossible if attempted on your own. As a result, you leave feeling relaxed and more flexible as well as experiencing a significant reduction in pain. This pain-free experience greatly benefits athletes’ performance and promotes long-term mobility for anyone suffering acute or chronic injuries

The owner of "Stretch360", Jesse is one of only two Level 3 Certified FST® Specialists in the Australia.

“This stuff is too good not to share! The human body can teach us a lot of things and stretching is one way I know for sure can do that… if we slow down and let it.”


- Fascial Stretch Specialist: Level III, II, and I

- Diploma of Sport: Athlete Support Services

- Certificate IV in Fitness: Personal Trainer

- Certificate III in Fitness: Group Fitness Instructor