Maddy - The Youth Academy

Never have we met a young lady with such grace, poise, and skill - both on the ice and off it... But don't let that fool you, this "Ice Princess" has another side that's cheekier than Curious George the monkey 🙊 🙈


Name: Maddy
Age: 16
Sport: Figure Skating
Nickname: The Ice Princess/The Zamboni

How Long Have You Been Skating?
7 years

What Do You Love About Skating?
I love the feeling of freedom on the ice, the power and strength of jumping, and the opportunities it has given me to travel & perform

What's Been Your Biggest Accomplishments So Far?
I won the NSW State Championships, have competed at Nationals, and have recently met the qualification criteria to compete Internationally for Australia

What Drew You To The Academy?
The chance to train and build strength off the ice in a focused environment

What Do You Love About The Academy?
I love training with all of the other athletes. And also the feeling I get after I finish a session

How Has The Academy Helped You Improve So Far?
It's helped me improve my upper body strength, my confidence, and my motivation to become a better athlete & skater

What's The Biggest Mindset Shift You've Had Since Joining The Academy?
Renewed enthusiasm and confirmation that ice skating & fitness is where I want my future to be

If You Could Be Any Superhero, Who Would You Be?
Wonder Woman - as she possesses strength, speed, longevity, and flight - which is what I need

P.S. Madz, you're already a wonder woman in our eyes with what you have accomplished thus far and the amazing feats you can perform on the ice :D <3