This young man is going to go places... why? Because he asks no questions. Because his head is always down, and he is continually working and pushing himself to being better than he was yesterday. We cannot say a bad word about this champion, it's just a shame he's from, and plays for, the Central Coast - not that we didn't give them a good hiding back in our days of Baseball :p

Name: Kai
Age: 14
Sport: Baseball
Position(s): Shortstop & Second Base
Nickname: The Marlin

How Long Have You Been Playing Baseball?
I have been play for 6 years

What Do You Love About It? 
I love playing baseball because its not a very popular sport in Australia and you are always doing something when your playing

What's Been Your Biggest Accomplishment So Far? 
My biggest accomplishment so far would be either playing in the Dingo World Series or Australian Little League Championships or making the Aussie Expos team

What Drew You To The Academy?
The thing that drew me to the academy was being able to improve myself physically and more importantly mental and nutritionally

What Do You Love About The Academy?
The things I love about the academy is working out with other people and meeting new people and being able to have fun doing it

How Has The Academy Helped You So Far? 
The academy has helped me so far by all the fitness and strength to be able to improve on my baseball.

What's Been The Biggest Mindset Shift You've Had Since Joining The Academy?
The biggest mindset shift since joining the academy was being able to say to my self, I can do this, I can do this, and not quitting because I am tired and weak

If You Could Be Any Superhero, Who Would You Be?
If i could be a superhero i would be the flash because he's my favourite and I would love to run really fast