It is our absolute pleasure to introduce you to an inspirational young gentleman. His dedication to continually better himself and improve each day is unrivalled. 

Ladies & Gentlemen, please meet Jaye - one of our amazing clients from Butter Fish Services - Newcastle's Leading Capacity Builders of those involved with the NDIS scheme


Sport: Gym
Nickname: The Machine

For How Long Have You Been Going to the Gym?
I've been going to the gym now for about three months. 

What Do You Love About The Gym?
That I've learnt heaps thanks to the team and the coach

What’s Been Your Biggest Accomplishment So Far? 
I've become stronger, and now I want to go on to become even stronger

What Drew You To The Academy?
I started to put on weight, and wanted to change this

What Do You Love About The Academy?
It pushes me to my limits, and I find that that helps a lot

How Has The Academy Helped You Improve So Far?
I'm getting to know more bout the gym and how to use all of the equipment

What’s The Biggest Mindset Shift You’ve Had Since Joining The Academy?
I've become more confident

If You Could Be Any Superhero, Who Would You Be? 
Batman, because he worked hard to get to where he is

p.s: It's great to finally see someone with an AMAZING choice of Superhero's ;)