Vertical Pushing & Pulling Progressions

In this article, we covered the setup & cues for all of our vertical pushing and pulling movements - and today we're going to cover the progressions we take all of our young athletes & adolescents through

Pullup - The Youth Academy

Just a quick note before we begin... there are specific KPI's we look for when it comes to progressing young athletes & adolescents from one movement to the more complex movement, and this is generally a nice base level of strength, total control, and phenomenal technique throughout the entire set being performed... we find that if technique can remain great under stress and fatigue, then that level of movement pattern is at a satisfactory level and we will move up the system to the more complex movement

Vertical Pushing Progressions

  1. Kneeling Single Arm Dumbbell/Kettlebell Press
  2. Kneeling Dumbbell/Kettlebell Press
  3. Z Press
  4. Standing Single Arm DB Press
  5. Standing DB Press
  6. Military Press
  7. Push Press
  8. Landmine Press

Vertical Pulling Progressions

Below is the system we utilise (including our KPI's) to help our young athletes nail their first ever pull-ups & go on to perform them for reps. Note that from #2 to #5, we often help the young athlete into the top position of the movement, or place a box that allows them to jump up - as our intention is on the hold at the top or the controlled negative

  1. Straight Arm Hang - hang for 15sec
  2. Chin Over Bar Holds - hold for 15sec
  3. Weighted Holds - hold for 15sec with 33% extra BW
  4. Negatives - negative fight for 10sec+
  5. Weighted Negatives - fight for 10sec + with 33% extra BW
  6. Pull-up

That's All Folks

No joke, that's it - simple as that. Work consistently hard on these basic movement patterns and you'll be progressing forward in no time :)

Nick Maier