The Sole Focus When Training Young Athletes

There’s a terrible thing happening in the sports world today, and it’s the power and premise we give to what we see on social media, and what we see professional athletes and our other ‘heroes’ do on the training field/court. Kids will be kids, and it will always be monkey see-monkey do but is this truly beneficial or what’s best for them…

One look on social media during the pre-season or in-season of an athlete or team, and you’ll see a variety of ‘cool-looking’ exercises that will make you want to try them out. And this temptation can be deadly, as social media is often a ‘highlight’ reel of our best moments. I mean, take a look at this post by MLB superstar Mike Trout on Instagram… sprints with 100kg on his back

The most important thing to remember is this… you’re not them, you don’t have their experience or their unique needs, and you don’t have their training experience. And besides, you don’t see the things that make up 90% of their training… the basics

People always forget the context, and it truly is king. With young athletes and adolescents being in their formative years, it is the perfect time to solidify the basics in them and ingrain technique and movement patterns. If you saw THIS ARTICLE, you’d know there are six primal movement patterns only, and every single exercise is a variation of one of these movement patterns

And the focus here should be on building the base and foundation for their future training and success

All you truly need to progress and grow in regards to equipment is your body, a barbell, some weights, some DB’s, some form of a ball, and hard work + consistency. The basics have stood the test of time, and form the foundation of every great athlete's training

Why is this the case? Why does every athlete squat, deadlift, press, pull, sprint and carry heavy things? Because they work

When the focus is placed on perfecting technique, progressive overload, doing the exercises that give you the ‘biggest bang for your buck’, and working consistently hard, good things begin to happen

Spending 6 months focusing on these things and manipulating rep ranges depending on goals will produce great results. It’s how Hayden added 60kg to his squat and 10kg BW in 12 weeks… and it’s how we’re helping to build the next generation

So take the focus off social media and what everyone else is doing, and instead focus on building your foundation and recovering well

Do that, and magic things will begin to happen...

TrainingNick Maier