Our Top 5 Nutritional Resources for Young Athletes, Adolescents & Their Parents

So you’d love to know more about nutrition and how you can set yourself up for better recovery, growth, and performance… what to eat before & after training or a game… how to best hydrate yourself… what are some of the best sources of foods you can eat carbohydrates, micronutrients, proteins… what role do specific vitamins and minerals play… well, you’re in luck, as here are our top 5 Nutrition Resources

#1: Australian Institute of Sports “Sports Nutrition” Section - https://www.ausport.gov.au/ais/nutrition

I won’t lie, this site is a little hard to navigate, but there is some tremendous and simple information found on it

Once on the site, there’s a bar that runs down the left-hand side, sports nutrition is at the very bottom, and in itself, it has different options, including:

  • The Team
  • Recipes
  • Latest research
  • Factsheets
  • Supplements
  • FAQs

We personally love their super simple factsheets and thoughts on supplements, whilst their latest research gives a great insight into some of the currently trending nutrition “styles” and their effectiveness with athletes…

#2: Precision Nutrition - https://www.precisionnutrition.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_frqp-vL1wIVEx4rCh17gA6OEAAYASAAEgJSo_D_BwE

Cofounded by Nutritional Expert Dr John Berardi, Precision Nutrition is highly regarded in the nutrition & sports nutrition realms of today

I adore all of their content, and oftentimes draw a ton of inspiration and knowledge from them. They work/have worked with athletes and general population ranging from UFC fighters to NFL calibre athletes

They know their stuff and can be either very simple or get into the nitty gritty. Just be mindful of the context they’re writing in, as some of the information may not be viable for a young athlete or adolescents

#3: Examine - https://examine.com/

This is our go to on all things supplements & nutrition. The key thing to remember is that this oftentimes takes a general pop and adult based approach especially when it comes to answering specific questions on their site, and so, these are not intended specifically to young athletes and adolescents

Having said that however, their information on specific supplements is world-class and unrivalled – take a look for yourself at their thoughts, pro’s, and con’s of using a simple whey protein powder > https://examine.com/supplements/whey-protein/

It’ll change your thoughts

#4: World Class Sports Nutritionist Alan Aragon - https://alanaragon.com

With over 20 years of experience in the nutrition and nutrition research field, specialising in sports nutrition, Alan is a phenomenal man to learn from

He has an abundance of great articles and books that break through all the BS myts that society and the general population would have you believe

Highly recommend reading and learning from this phenomenal man

#5: The Youth Academy – https://theyouthacademy.net.au

Okay, we know what you’re thinking… but personally, we feel like the content we produce is phenomenal, specifically for young athletes & adolescents – as that’s who we exist for

Our team of Accredited Dietitians produces weekly articles and videos ranging on a variety of different topics, all designed to help you develop yourself, increase your performance, and become the athlete and person you aspire to become

We have an educational nutrition video library here > https://www.theyouthacademy.net.au/nutrition/

And an education training & technique article library here > https://www.theyouthacademy.net.au/training-technique/

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Nick Maier