The Best Kind of Endurance Young Athletes Can Have...

Enthusiasm is a dime a dozen in society today. And neophilia, the search for the newest and next best thing, reigns supreme. What’s rare is doing something with the enthusiasm. What’s rare is the enthusiasm having staying power… And this is what young athletes and adolescents need to be taught today

Enthusiasm is great. It’s excitement and shows, initially, that young athletes & adolescents are willing to either work at or for something. But the problem lies in enthusiasm not being what’s required to get over the obstacles or adversity that are thrown their way

Enthusiasm only does so much. And as Angela Duckworth portrays so perfectly in her book “Grit”:

"Enthusiasm is common but endurance is rare…”

And it’s the latter that matters most…

It’s the determination. The grit. The willpower. The strength of mind to push through the hardships. To overcome the adversity. And climb over the walls we perceive hold us back

It’s the ability that all the greats, in each of their sports, have in common. The ability to withstand and hold their enthusiasm for their sports and what they love doing for 10-15years… and that’s the reason they’re the best at what they do

You could be more enthusiastic than LeBron or Steph at Basketball… but do you have the endurance to go through all of the heartaches, the endure the sacrifices and discipline required over the years to truly reach that pinnacle

As it’s portraying this enthusiasm over the long run that truly matters most. And as Ryan Holiday puts so adamantly in his phenomenal book “The Obstacle Is The Way”

"The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way, becomes the way”

As it’s toward the obstacle you must head. You must have the endurance to acknowledge it, and either go over or around it

Simply seeing the obstacle and stopping won’t get you anywhere. And that’s why this mental endurance is required more than enthusiasm...

Nick Maier