The All-Powerful Question the Next Generations Need To Ask Themselves When It Comes To Their Future Success…

Questions are powerful. And two of the most growth-orientated humans in the world (funnily enough, two of the most “successful” as well) know this better than most. And there’s one question we can all ask ourselves that’s more powerful than others. Be warned though, it’s a tough one to answer… but this fact showcases the power held within – as when you can answer it, you’ll discover a trajectory for where you wish to go in life, and if you’re going there because YOU want to… 

are these my goals I’m chasing… or are they the goals of someone else, or what I simply think others want for me”

Personally, this question shook my entire world. I still remember when my great mate Marco asked me it…

Coffee - The Youth Academy

We were in one of our favourite café’s for our weekly personal development/business catchup – the smell of coffee and freshly baked pastries filled the air

And Marco turned to me and said: “Nick, these goals we’re setting for ourselves and that we’re chasing, are they truly ours?”

It hit me. Hard…

And I began to reflect back upon all the goals I’d set myself over the years, and all of the things I’d achieved…

I look at my university degree, and with total truth, it wasn’t my goal… it was something I thought I needed to do… that it was the only way to move forward

And this lack of “buy-in” from me is reflective of how I did… I was a failing student… I didn’t apply myself to it as I didn’t truly want to be there, I simply thought I had to be

And it got so bad that I ran away to Europe for 8 months to escape it all… I simply had to get away – but the best news is this was my choice – it’s something I wanted to do… a goal I set myself

And over there, I set myself a new goal – to finally put myself on the path to build the business I dreamt of, where we build the next generations…

And it was with this newfound goal of my own, that I came back and applied myself to my studies to graduate with an HD average in my final two years (note, it took me 6 years to graduate)

Why did I apply myself? Well, I now saw my Dietetics degree as being an avenue to providing the nutritional education to young athletes, adolescents and their families that they deserve

Arrows - The Youth Academy

What’s your #1 goal for the next 6-12months… Is it something YOU set for yourself?

Or is it something you think you should do… is it something you’re doing to please someone else or make them happy/proud of you?

Is it something you truly fucking want & desire in life?

As if it’s not, I personally recommend you let go of it – as it won’t bring you the feelings and emotions you think it will

You’ll hit your goal, but they’ll remain hidden

And at the end of the day, all that truly matters is your happiness and answering to yourself – not someone else

So ask yourself the powerful question “are these my goals? Or are they the goals of someone else/what I think I should want/what others want for me…

If you can do that, or at least grasp this concept and viewpoint now, at this young age, then it will set you up for a fortuitous life in the future

And you won’t have to make the same mistakes I did in my past – which at the end of the day is why we’re here…

To help others come up to our level at a quicker rate than it took us… and that’s my goal right now

Nick Maier