The Hidden Messages Movies & Superheroes Are Teaching The Next Generations...

As people, we work in stories… conversations, songs, interviews, books, songs, movies… you name it, and everything is a story. it’s how we relate. it’s how we understand. it’s how we interact. and more importantly, how we live our lives... And there’s a mythological, and realistic concept of life called the hero’s journey… A concept that was created by Joseph Campbell, and is the base storyline for every movie we see today… in essence, it goes through these following phases:

  • Call to adventure
  • Supernatural aid
  • Crossing of a threshold/beginning of a transformation
  • A helper/guardian comes alone and there are many trials and tribulations to overcome
  • The helper reappears and there is a revelation & transformation
  • There is atonement
  • And the hero returns with his gift, or transformation
Star Wars

Star Wars is the easiest to picture… Luke has a call to adventure on his home planet of Tatooine… and he receives supernatural aid via r2d2 and obi wan… they cross a threshold and there’s the beginning of this transformation of becoming a Jedi… a helper comes along in the for of chewy & Han solo & they endeavor upon many trials and tribulations with the empire & Sith… obi wan dies and there’s a revelation/transformation to Luke that he must become a Jedi and in turn, seeks out Yoda

But the true learning point from Star Wars is the battle between “light” and “dark”… and how easy it is to turn over to the “dark” side and let our anger and hatred overwhelm us… to do bad things to people and give in to temptations and excuses

Fighting the dark side, and staying true to the “light”, is immensely harder, but more fulfilling and rewarding in the end - and it’s the path we must walk

Lord Of The Rings teaches us that even the smallest of us… the one’s with what we perceive to be the least power… the tiniest of abilities… well, they can go on to do amazing things… they can go on to change the world for the better with enough time, determination, and grit

Spiderman - The Youth Academy

Spiderman teaches us that with great power comes great responsibility, or better yet, with great responsibility comes great power… it teaches us to own ourselves, our situations, our skills, and our results - as then, and only truly then, will we discover the power to change our lives for the better and step into the athlete & person we desire to become

The Matrix teaches us that our limitations are all inside our own head… that what we choose to believe becomes our reality, and if we choose to believe more empowering things, than those, in turn, become our reality…that our potential truly is nearly limitless… and with enough energy, focus, and time we can indeed learn any skill we desire to learn

Batman  - The Youth Academy

And my personal favourite, Batman, teaches us that not all superhero’s wear capes. That we can strive to become our best mentally & physically, we can overcome any and all adversity thrown our way, and still have the purest of intentions at heart. It teaches us the power of determination, doggedness, grit, and true mental endurance and toughness

Nick Maier