Dear Next Generation(s): Size Doesn't Matter...

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying before - “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of fight in the dog”… and it rings 100% true

Knights - The Youth Academy

Lord of The Rings & The Hobbit are classics in their own right. When you hear those titles you probably think of action scenes, breakfasts + second breakfasts, and slimy golem trying to ruin everyone’s day

But there’s a deeper meaning at work here. A powerful message I believe Tolkien wanted to get across to us all. And a powerful message that all young athletes & adolescents need to comprehend…

And it’s this - “that the tiniest of us. the one’s we give the least amount of hope. the one’s we give the least amount of power. the one’s we don’t give a chance… they’re the one’s who have the power to go on and change the world… they’re the one’s who can go on to do the greatest of deeds with enough grit, determination, and doggedness"

There is unrivaled power in small things. As it’s not the size of something that matters most - it’s the amount of fight and desire inside

Eyes - The Youth Academy

Take a look at the two smallest words in the English language - “I am”… there is tremendous power here, as what you place behind it shapes your identity… your reality

Changing what follows “I am” has the power to change your life…

For you see, the brain cannot dissociate between “reality” and what it “see’s” in its mind’s eye… that’s why visualisation & meditation are so powerful

And when we begin to tell ourselves the story of I am “x” person, or I am “y” person, then us being the humans we are, we need to stay consistent with what we tell others and what we tell ourselves

For a personal example:

  • I am a son
  • I am a student
  • I am a teacher
  • I am an avid reader
  • I am a strength coach
  • I am the hardest worker in the room
  • I am a person who is always in shape
  • I am the person who has no excuses, ever
  • I am unstoppable simply because I decide to be
  • I am a superhero, and my superpower is the ability to endure & outlast everyone else

And this, in turn, shapes my reality, it forms my identity… the above, in essence, is me - it’s what I bring to every situation

Your Turn

Take a pen & paper…

Now, picture yourself in twelve months time, standing in front of you as the person & athlete you aspire to become…

And write down who that person is in the first person… 

I am…
I am…
I am…

Let them flow… whom do you want to become… do experience the things you want to experience, who do you need to become

Take your time, and know there’s no wrong or silly answers. This is personal to you

And then, begin to think about the behaviours & actions you need to take to become that person… and the skills you will need to (and will) learn along the way

Nick Maier