Self Belief: Creating A Culture of Success

If you don’t give yourself positive reinforcement, and believe in yourself wholeheartedly, than who will… Positivity stems from within, and with it your wildest dreams will grow into your reality

The year was 1990. The date, 11th February, and “Iron” Mike Tyson was the undefeated and undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. He was entering the ring against Buster Douglas, at 42-1 odds of winning the fight

And God, whoever bet on Buster would be a happy man. As within ten rounds, Douglas knocked Tyson to the canvas, and the fight was over

And yet, everyone, bar a select few, refused to believe in Douglas in the lead up to the fight… One of the ones who believed in him, was the man himself...

"I believed in myself and that I had the ability to do that. It's something that my mother instilled in me at a very young age: You can do whatever you want.

That was his self-talk and self-belief leading up to the fight. He trained like a man possessed, filled with the utmost of belief in his abilities and how he would perform in the fight. His mind was his best friend, and in return, he believed… something that all young athletes need to do in themselves, as it is all powerful and such a simple process to obtain

And it will instil within yourself a culture of success

Now, many people will say they can’t believe in themselves due to their past results, or their past training, which are simply bullshit excuses. You are not your past, it does not define you, and it is no reflection on how you will perform unless you believe it is

In THIS ARTICLE, we delved into self talk - and it is the door that opens to self-belief, as the stories you tell yourself will shape the belief you have in yourself, which in turn, shapes your reality

There are four ideologies we seek to instil in all young athletes we come across, and when they can buy into them 100%, magical things begin to happen. These four principles are what The Academy is built upon, and they include:

  1. Your potential is nearly limitless
  2. Any obstacle in life can be overcome
  3. I am unstoppable because I decide to be
  4. I have decided that I can do this stuff, and therefore I can - as with enough energy, focus, and time I can achieve anything

And from therein stems your new self-belief. It begins from within yourself, in your self-talk, and the stories you tell yourself. So instead of telling yourself disempowering thoughts and using excuses, use empowering thoughts and stories instead

Nick Maier