A Note for Young Athletes & Adolescents on Relativity

Everything in life is relative. And that’s why we cannot compare ourselves to anyone else. The situation is not exactly the same. You’re not them, and they’re not you - from neither a genetic nor an experiential standpoint. And this is a powerful lesson for young athletes & adolescents to learn - that they need to run their own race

“Nothing is either good or bad. It’s our thinking that makes it so” 
- Albert Einstein

What defines something as being “good” anyway… 

I might deem an amazing coastal walk on a sunny Sunday as the picture of good, and you might see it as hell one earth

Your idea of bad might be failing a subject. And I might see that as good as it means I need to up-skill myself and improve

It’s all about perspective. It’s all about relativity…

100kg might seem heavy to me, but to you it could be a walk in the park… same with keep a sub 4-minute kilometre time on a 20+km race - to our resident Dietitian Hannah it is, but to me it sounds like death

So as you can see, it’s your thoughts that shape your perception of something. And it’s your past experiences and your beliefs/views of the world that help to shape your thoughts

And in turn, nobody is either right now wrong - except for in science

So the goal is not to be correct… the goal is to remain aware of what’s happening and how “perception” plays a role in life

The goal is to not judge others for their beliefs and views of the world - as that’s what they’re entitled to

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Nick Maier