Redefining Success

Success can come in many shape and forms - depending on how you define it. To some it’s a high paying job, to others it’s “power” or “influence”, whilst to others, it might be the brand of the things you own. We each have different perceptions of what constitutes success - and honestly, if it’s on the same lines of those mentioned above, it’s not true success

Success… How do you define it?

Is it in how many games you win? How many trophies are in your room? The amount of time you spend doing the things you love?

In society today, there is a warped perception of what success truly is. The title you have next to your name… The type of car parked in your driveway… The size of your house or bank account…

These things, however, are nothing but possession you can own. And in the wise words of Fight Club, you will often find that "the things you won end up owning you" - they don't bring true happiness. Besides, we do not get to take these possessions with us when we leave this earth

Our self-worth and self-esteem is being based on what others think about us, on keeping up with the Jones’ and having lots of these unfulfilling possessions

And it's harming the next generation. Life should be portrayed about impacting others, creating things of value, and collecting experiences

There is a maxim I wish to leave you with, and one I hope you will read again, again, and again

It’s not about what you own,
Or how much money you make.
It’s about the lives you impact,

And what you create

MindsetNick Maier