Training & Competing Isn't Complete Until Recovery Nutrition Is Taken Care Of...

When it comes to nutrition & training, we often see emphasis placed on pre-workout nutrition for fueling the session ahead. This can oftentimes mean, however, that what we're doing nutritionally post-workout takes a backseat and is overlooked for its importance in the training, recovery, and growth process. This is a mistake we see many young athletes & adolescents make time and time again

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In our true, No BS style, let's get to the core of the issue... how can post-workout "recovery" nutrition take your performance to the next level?

There are four key reasons that we love refueling our bodies properly after a training session or game... in essence, young athletes need to:

  • Refuel the body and replenish glycogen stores
  • Repair muscle and support muscle growth
  • Maximize benefits gained from the session completed, and
  • Rehydrate the body from all the fluids it has lost

Why Is This So Important?

During exercise, the body utilises its fuel stores to provide the energy for performance. At the same time, we're break down and cause micro-damage to our muscles, which signals to our body that we need to adapt and grow back stronger & better than before to keep up with the physical demand we're placing on ourselves

To aid in recovering and helping the muscles repair to grow bigger & stronger, we must focus on two macronutrients; protein and carbohydrate. We like to refer to protein as the "bricks" needed to build muscle and carbohydrate as the "workers" needed to lay down the bricks...

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How To Go About It

Contrary to popular belief & what you may actually hear, there is no magic "anabolic window", such as a perfect time to consume food/drink after training, nor is there a perfect amount. The body is most efficient, however, at replacing its glycogen up to 90minutes post-workout - this is when receptors are most active and ready to absorb nutrients. This is such an important concept to grasp, that we encourage all of our Academy Athletes to view their session as "incomplete" until recovery nutrition has been achieved

The basic recipe to success is protein for muscle repair + carbohydrate for refueling & replenishing glycogen stores. To round it out, it's also important to replace fluids and electrolytes lost through sweat - which is why liquid calories are preferred during this initial recovery phase, as they can tick all boxes in one go

Previously, we've written about our huge love for good old choccy milk and it's effectiveness in recovery nutrition. To recap, it’s an all-in-one protein, carbohydrate, fluid and electrolyte powerhouse. Plus, its delicious - and Oak just released a new, "higher protien" product too...

What Else Is Great To Have...

Now, we personally find it hard to believe anyone would say no to choccy milk, but the key to success in choosing a post-workout, recovery snack is to focus on a source of protein (think meat and dairy) and carbohydrate (think fruit and grain foods). The sky is the limit really, but some other ideas include:

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  • Smoothies made with milk, yoghurt, fruit, ice cream
  • Yoghurt, plus or minus fruit of your choice
  • Sandwiches with lean meat
  • Tuna and crackers
  • Milo with milk

Post-workout nutrition has an amazing capacity not only in beginning the road to recovery and setting ourselves up for peak performance in the sessions to come, but also, in making the most of the workout completed. Remember: just as the session isn't done until we've cooled down, it's also not done until nutrition recovery is complete