Is There A Difference Between You & Your Idol...

There's no true difference between you and your idols... At the core essence, you're exactly the same. You both came into this world naked, crying, and afraid... And you're both made of the same flesh, blood, and bones... So why think they're different to you...

Off The Hook - The Youth Academy

Young athletes & adolescents need to understand this concept... they're the same as their idols & they can achieve that level should they desire to

The only difference is time, the amount of hard work & sacrifices made, and what happens between their two ears

But here's the thing... we make others remarkable as it lets us off the hook

We place them on a pedestal, as that allows us to make & use excuses... It takes the pressure of us... and places us in a better position

But it's pressure that creates diamonds... and it's knowing that you're exactly the same as your idols that will give you the power & belief you need to make it your reality

Nick Maier