The Most Common Question Asked By Parents of Young Athletes

Honestly, this one surprised us more than it should have. It's a question we knew we'd hear asked by the parents of young athletes, just not as often as it is asked... But then again, in today's society, it doesn't surprise us that there's still confusion around this topic - as we live in the information age - and Derek Sivers said it best with "if all we needed was more information we'd all be millionaires with six-pack abs"...

"How do I know what/who's correct when it comes to finding information to benefit one of the most important people in my life..."

That's the question we hear more often than anything else. How do parents & young athletes know when they're being fed bullshit and snake oil? It's hard in this world we live in today, much harder than it was less than a decade ago - back when I was struggling to swim in the sea of over-information

Years ago, when I was beginning my journey and struggling through my battles - I'd suffer from paralysis by analysis...

Social Media - The Youth Academy

There's so much conflicting information available to us... So many differing points of view on specific topics around training & nutrition... And they all seem so plausible & correct

Especially when we enter the world of social media - we see people who we deem are an "authority" in the space due to our quick psychological reactions...

They look the part... so they must know what they're doing
They have a heap of people who follow them... which kicks in our "social proof" shortcut (if there's a cafe that's full and has a waiting list, you immediately think it's good)

But when we think rationally, how do we truly know that we can trust them

If there's one thing I've learned from past as a young athlete, the struggles I endured, and my 10+ years of experience researching and working in the fields of strength training, nutrition, and mindset - it's the old cliche that if it's too good to be true, it probably is

That a piece of paper doesn't mean people know what they're talking about... as I learned more from my own studies & research than that which I learned during my academic careers... And that there's always an interconnectedness between peoples ideologies & philosophies:

  • Keep it incredibly simple
  • The basics never change, so bust your gut on them
  • Consistency is key
  • Don't do what your idols are doing - as they're not you right now


It's the truth for everything in life...

Consistently work hard on the basic compound movements, adding a little more stimulus each time, and you'll become stronger

Berries - The Youth Academy

Consistently focus on eating whole foods, in the correct amount that aligns with your goals, and you'll either add the muscle or lose the weight you desire

Consistently focus on technique and power/speed drills, and you'll soon discover that speed you desire comes to you

Consistently focus your mental energy on trying to see the good in every situation, and your mindset will begin to change for the better

Especially with this demographic of young athletes and adolescents, special considerations need to be taken into account that apply specifically to them, and no-one else

Their training age & experience...
Their naturally occurring physiological adaptations...
The fact they're still growing...
Their current hormonal profiles...
Their external stressors from school, friends groups, and the desire to be "a kid"...
And much more

And that's why we exist solely for the next generations of young athletes, adolescents & their families

That's why OUR MISSION is to help build the next generations

By providing them with nothing but the best in all things training, nutrition, and mindset...
To offer them the guidance & support they wholeheartedly deserve to develop themselves into the athletes & people they aspire to become...
To ensure that every single decision we make, everything we do, every piece of content we produce is for the benefit of them and their families

As that's what they deserve. It's what their parents deserve. And it's what The Academy is going to provide

So if you're looking for information, we hope you'll choose to look no further than us :) But if you do happen to cross other information, ask yourself rationally first and foremost, why should I choose to listen and believe this information

As in doing so, it'll help us all ensure that no young athlete will have to endure the demonic battles I had to when I was their age... And that's the kind of world we want to help build for the next generations


Nick Maier