The Key Focus Point for Parents When It Comes To Helping Their Kids

Parents (and coaches for that matter) don’t understand nor comprehend the massive power they hold over these next generations – and it’s harming the kids. These kids look to us for validation, they view us as role models, and it’s always a case of monkey-see, monkey-do… tear them apart too much, and you’ll kill their self-confidence and belief in themselves… and yet, praise them too much and make them think they cannot do any wrong, and life will inevitable ground them harder than a few choice words could ever have…

It’s a balancing act greater than “guy who walked between the twin towers on a tightrope”, and it might possibly be one of the hardest things to do/questions to answer in life – how much is too much when it comes to kids

Personally, I think it’s simple – as it’s an oscillation… it’s not a cut and dry, black and white situation… it’s malleable, it flows, and it will always be changing

And this is the key thing for parents and coaches to remember – your child will change… they will grow and develop… it’s just on us to guide them and help them along the way

A way we can do that is to choose to believe in them and that their potential is nearly limitless…. That with enough energy, focus, and time, they can achieve anything they desire in life if they’re willing to work hard enough for it

It’s in knowing that it’s not about who they are today that matters, as it’s about who they want to become and how hard they’re willing to work to become that person…

And the hard part lies in balancing this… of giving them the push and the belief they need, but not coddling them… of showing them that they will fail, but that that in itself is simply feedback and doesn’t make them a failure

We need to focus on building them up and showing them their true capabilities… by helping them develop their own belief and confidence in themselves, their abilities, and their mindsets

We were all born naked, crying, and afraid – growth for all of us is there if we choose to believe it, and if we choose to decide to allow ourselves to see it

Focus on your child's growth. Focus on being vulnerable and authentic with them. Focus on teaching them about the truths of life… that it’s not fair… that it’s not easy… but that they can do anything they set their mind to if they work hard enough for it

As that, ladies and gentlemen is how we begin to build and develop these next generations – it’s how we can teach them the lessons we’ve learned and mistakes we’ve made so that they can achieve in a few short years what it took us the entirety of our lives to learn

Nick Maier