What Separates The Greats from The Rest...

Consumption. We all love it

I for one absolutely LOVE books - and I’m known to absorb one a week (I enjoy books more than ice cream, and my love for ice cream is pretty unrivalled, but that’s for another time)

In today’s society, consumption levels have become astronomical, not just in regards to the food we eat, but also the information we absorb. Everything is just a click or an arms length away… and we can have everything we desire quicker than ever before

What is lacking however, is the other side of this equation…

We are consuming, consuming, and consuming… but there is no output. And this is why we see the physical obesity levels we do today, because we consume but don’t output much of that energy

And it’s the same intellectually. We consume all of this information… be it at school, from friends and family, social media, the TV, games, the internet

We absorb, and absorb, and absorb, and absorb… but again, we don’t do anything with that information

How many times have you heard this said (or said it yourself), and how much does it make your blood boil… “I know what to do

Unfortunately, this is becoming ever-present within the teenagers of today. And it appears from our work with them, and talking to them, that it’s a fear of “failing” that holds them back from taking action… a lack of belief in themselves and pulling it off… and to that, we say no more!

That’s not what made the greats great. They had the courage to take action and back themselves, even though they were uncertain of what could happen. And that’s the beauty in it - as you’ll see, faith and belief are two of the most powerful things you can acquire and hold to you

Napoleon Hill said it best when he wrote:
whatever the mind can conceive & believe, the body can achieve”

And that’s the 100% truth. It may not happen overnight, but believe me, with the faith in yourself, and patience, you will go on to see that your potential is nearly limitless

Our three powerful tips when it comes to building self-belief and taking action on all of that information

1) Never Give Up: Patience is a virtue, and obstacles will always find their way in front of you to slow your progress… if there’s one thing that you should know however, it’s that any obstacle you face in life can be overcome - sometimes the answer may not seem clear right now, but you are more than capable of surpassing it

2) Have Ultimate Faith: In yourself, in overcoming obstacles, in all that you do in life. Confidence is a mindset, and doing things you don’t deem possible will only come true if you take that first step. Mindset is the foundation for all we do in life - and it’s amazing to see this shift happen when you can push your body to do things you didn’t deem possible in the gym. You begin to question your ability for the better, and open your mind to the truth that your potential is nearly limitless… by doing these things with your body, you begin to question what else is possible in your life

3) There Is No Such Thing As Failure: there is only feedback. Feedback on what went wrong, feedback on what to fix, what to try, and what to not do next time. It is a learning process, and funnily enough, it is a necessary step toward success

I have failed over, and over, and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed - Michael Jordan

I’ll leave you with a challenge… what’s the one small thing you can do today to take action? To take that first step, and move forward…

It might simply be signing up for this coming season… pushing yourself to trial for the higher level squad… or taking that first step toward creating healthier habits that will build the lifestyle for you life

One thing is for certain, no more thinking or planning, it is time to take action

Go Get Yours,
Coach Nick

MindsetNick Maier