High Rep Squats & Why Young Athletes MUST Do Them

I’ll never forget my first set of 20 rep squats. It was in 2012 and it was with 45kg… nothing to yell about, but damn did it humble me… I came across it thanks to “Super Squats” by Randall Strossen & a Dan John article named “Mass Made Simple” - both are highly recommended, and here’s why

Squat - The Youth Academy

High rep squats…

They separate the amateurs from the professionals. They’ll develop you physically, but even more so mentally - as they make you push to a level you didn’t know you were capable of

Just last month, I got back into them one day a week, which culminated in hitting 120kg for a set of 20. I knew I got it right, as by the 10th rep I felt done, and the final 10 were taken one-at-a-time and took what seemed like one eternity

That set taught me a lot about myself

And the help young athletes & adolescents discover things about themselves that not much else could. Additionally, they’re a great way to ingrain the squat movement pattern & add strength and size in an incredibly simple manner, as the testosterone & hormonal cocktail produced from high-rep squats is unbeatable

If you’re in your offseason and need to add some serious size and strength to your lower body - these are the perfect medicine. A set of 20 rep squats, twice a week for a month, adding a little weight to the bar each session can work magic

Squat - The Youth Academy

Just make sure to check your ego at the door - as these will humble you. The first time you do these, choose a reasonable weight, as progression is the answer. And please, for the love of God, make sure you’re eating and sleeping like a king. As recovery is essential during a high-rep squat phase

But here’s the thing - we need to be smart about them. I’d never recommend them to an athlete who’s IN SEASON due to the volume and stress they place on you. And anything that inhibits your ability to train for your sport is NOT conducive to your training or development, as S&C training is an extension of your sport-specific work

If you feel like both your mind and body need a push, and you’re not in-season, give higher rep squats a crack. Just remember that technique is still our main focus here, we don’t sacrifice form for weight...

Nick Maier