Do You Have The Type of Mindset It Takes to Succeed?

Do you believe that you could learn any skill if you wanted to... Or do you believe that there are certain things that are impossible to you? Whilst you may never play at the level of MJ or LeBron, you do have the capacity to improve your game… And whilst you may never have the smarts of Steven Hawking when it comes to physics and science, you have the capacity to increase your knowledge and better understand these topics, don’t you… 

Do the above questions scare you… 

Do you agree with them, or disagree with them? As the answer to that question will show you something about yourself you possibly hadn’t recognised yet (which we will answer shortly…)

At The Academy, we believe every single person’s potential is nearly limitless. We believe that anything you set our mind to you can achieve with time. Yet it’s been drilled into us from an early age that if we’re not good at something now we never will be

The next generation are being told that their abilities are fixed, when this couldn’t be further from the truth

How many times have you heard someone say (or said it to yourself) something like “that’s impossible” or “I could never do that”... I’m willing to bet you hear it every single day

And yet, impossible is all in the mind. What seems impossible to you, may not seem impossible to me - and it isall because of our small differences in mindset

"whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right” 
- Henry Ford


Truer words than these have never been spoken, and far too many people defeat themselves before even trying. Your potential is nearly limitless, you simply need to begin believing it and, more importantly, begin matching your behaviours and actions with it

If you think your talents are fixed, you have what is called a “fixed mindset”. You believe there are things you cannot do, things you’ll never be able to do… 

And yet people with a “growth mindset” know that they can learn any skill, and achieve anything with the right time, resources, behaviours, and plan

which mindset do you have...

And unfortunately, far too many adolescents and young athletes have fixed mindsets at this present moment. Far too often we hear them say things like “I can’t do that”, or “you want me to do what? No way” - common traits of a fixed mindset. And yet, with a little push, they go on to do that 'seemingly impossible’ task, and their eyes widen and the biggest of smiles cross their face

And you can see their mind ticking over… beginning to question what else is possible for them

“when you show people what their bodies are truly capable of, they begin to questions what else is possible for them” 
- Coach Nick

It is the reason we say that the mind is the foundation of everything we do in life, adolescent or adult. People refuse to accept this however, as they don’t want to ‘fail’ in front of others and be seen as a failure - a belief that is holding them back from even trying. And as we know with kids, it’s monkey see-monkey do… they follow your lead

What You Need To Do

Essentially, you need to change your self talk and your beliefs. You need to begin to say to yourself “I can learn this” and “I can do that” - and then having your behaviours and actions match this new self-talk

I will use a personal example… back when I used to be an overweight child, I thought I always would be, as I believed it was in my genetics. I thought I couldn’t change it, and that it was out of my control… however my belief around this changed, and I began to believe that I could control this with training, nutrition, and most importantly time

Now, my belief system about myself is one of someone who is strong and healthy, and a strong and healthy person trains hard on a consistent basis, and eats well to fuel their body. My belief system is also that I can achieve and learn anything I wish to in life, I just know & accept that some things will take longer than others or might require more effort

At the end of the day, it comes down to what you believe about yourself

It doesn’t matter who you are today. It only matters who you want to become and how hard you’re willing to work to become that person

And so, what do you believe to be true about yourself…

Nick Maier