A Note To The Next Generation on How Far They've Come Already

we’re all born naked, crying, and afraid
- Seth Godin

Baby - The Youth Academy

and look at where you are now. look how far you’ve come. it’s some pretty goddam phenomenal growth

you’ve also learned to walk, run, read, write, climb, kick a ball, and an absolute myriad of other things

so why do we think this ability to grow and learn magically stops… when did we get it into our heads that our abilities are fixed…

when did we begin to believe others opinions… when did we begin to imprison ourselves within our own self-limiting beliefs

and this is the saddest story of mankind…

is that you were made to fly. meant to soar like a bird. to be free. to reach the grandest of heights

but your wings have been clipped

Stop - The Youth Academy

it’s been ingrained in you from an early age. a ‘keep off the grass’ here. a ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ there

we don’t think for ourselves anymore. society has told us stories. stories of what is and isn’t possible. and we believe them without a second thought

they become our reality

these fixed mindsets are now the norm. in a time when growth mindsets are needed more than ever. a time when anything is possible. yet the majority of us are paralysed

here we stand. working jobs we hate. to buy things we don’t need. to impress people who don’t matter…

some think they’re free. but they’re wrong. what they’re thinking of is not freedom

working for someone else’s dream. neglecting your own desires. lying to yourself that you’re happy is not freedom

what kind of life is that?

when you look at what’s holding people back universally; it’s fear

fear to fly – for a fear of falling. of failing. of crashing and burning. fear of backing yourself

fear of speaking up. of standing out. of being different.

fear of what others will think of us

we’re psychologically wired to want to be accepted. yet far too many people seek acceptance more than they seek themselves. they define themselves around this unimportant aspect

Bird - The Youth Academy

society tells us we shouldn’t fly too high. as if we get too close to the sun we’ll die like Icarus. what they don’t tell you though, is that flying too low will kill you too

so we don’t even try

we submit to mediocrity. we stay with our feet planted firmly on this supposedly ‘safe’ and solid ground

but some of you are standing on the edge of the cliff. watching a few others fly. you’re daring to take the step into the unknown. daring to dream

the funniest thing of all. is that when you do take that step. when you do trust and test yourself. you’ll see just how capable you truly are

trust me. you’ll find your wings aren’t clipped at all

are they...

Nick Maier