An Unconventional Approach to Training Explosiveness

Explosiveness is a vital skill that many young athletes, from a variety of different sports, need to possess in order to excel. And oftentimes, if you go "by the rulebook", it will be trained at the beginning of a session and the body is "fresh"... what happens when you throw the rulebook out the window, however...

It's Grand Final day. Final quarter. And the team is up by 2 points. Three minutes ago you were up by 6 however, and the other team has wrangled momentum back and are on a role. Your team is in trouble...

The ball is making its way downcourt again. You're incredibly tired. Your legs feel like they weigh 100kg each. And you feel like you're stuck in cement. But then your opponent makes a break behind you, the ball is being lobbed to her, and you've got to make a quick backtrack and jump to take the intercept and swing momentum back your team's way...

This is an all-too-often scenario in many sports. As games progress and young athletes tire, mistakes begin to creep in, and the 'strongest', both mentally and physically, will win out. And it's in these times that we need to still be explosive - which is where our viewpoint on training and developing explosiveness differs to the masses

See. We believe that explosiveness should (also) be trained under heavy fatigue, as this best mimics a game-day scenario. We're not always going to be fresh, and it's in those final moments of games that the game is often won or lost


We love to keep our movements simple and our reps low when it comes to explosivess, after all, it's essential one all out, quick, explosive movement we're training and developing. And to do so, we love to focus on the following:

  • Box Jump - both standing & seated
  • Single Legged Box Jump
  • Single Legged Broad Jump
  • DB Snatch
  • DB Cluster
  • DB Snaster
  • Deadball Throws - both for height and distance
  • Jump Squats - light db's or barbell
  • Speed Squats & Speed Deadlifts
  • Explosive Pushups

All are simple movements, our intention is simply to move as quickly as possible. Note: as quickly as possible... we want to feel explosive, not necessarily always be explosive...

The Academy Ratio

We believe in a 50/50 approach for when it comes to developing explosiveness. 50% of the time we will train it at the beginning of a session, and 50% of the time we will train it at the end. Why? Because it's powerful when young athletes begin to show the same explosiveness at the end of a session that they can at the beginning. The mental win for them is phenomenal

Nick Maier