Hesitation Is The Killer of Dreams

Indecisiveness is the killer of dreams… it’s the pathway toward the deadly habit of hesitation - and fills our days more than we want it to

Clock - The Youth Academy

As young adults and adults, we make approximately 35,000 decisions each and every day... and with only 86,400 seconds in a day, that equates to almost a decision every 2 seconds

So it’s no wonder we can never decide what to have for lunch, what Netflix movie to pick, which training program to follow, or what to do…

We’re always looking for the “perfect” thing - even though we know perfection doesn’t exist

But what is this indecisiveness, this in-action, truly doing to us… and why do we do it

Donkey - The Youth Academy

There’s a fable of burden’s ass - about a donkey who was both hungry & thirsty - and stood halfway between both a troth of hay and a bale of water

Like us, he couldn’t decide what to do… water or hay, water or hay… and in the end, this indecision killed him as he died of thirst

And the moral is, he could have simply eaten so hay first, and then drank some water second - he didn’t need to do both at once - he should have taken action

And when it comes to these next generations, they need to comprehend and understand that they do not need to do everything right this very second… they don’t necessarily need to pick one singular thing for the rest of their lives…

Nick Maier