Confidence Is A Skill... And Here's How To Learn It

People think confident is a trait you’re born with. They think confidence comes with “results” and “actions”, and yet, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Confidence is a skill, and it can be developed and grown with time and effort…

I was not born confident. And there were countless times throughout my childhood when not an ounce of confidence was to be found. It lay dormant, deep within, down where I thought it would never be found

Fast forward to now, and people often tell me it’s one of my biggest strengths and most abundant traits. And yet, I never had to search deep down into those depths to find it. It was on the surface all along

Confidence is how you present yourself, it’s your body language, it’s how you hold yourself… all are simple things you can change in an instant

See, confidence is a skill. It’s a feeling that can be brought about with a simple switch in physiology and psychology. It’s the reason I love to test myself and my strength within the physical setting. Ask there have been countless times in my life that I’ve approached the bar with nought but butterflies in my stomach, and no idea whether I’d honestly make the lift or not

And yet, even when I have no reason at all to be confident, I simply decide to be

I stand a little taller. I breathe a little louder. I puff my chest out a little more. I laugh and smile. And I tell myself positive stories about what is about to happen

And it’s as simple as that. Because confidence is a choice, it’s a skill that can be developed the more you choose to use it

Multiple studies have shown that simply holding  a pencil in your mouth causes a smile, which in turn releases endorphins and hormones that will in turn make you happier, even thought you’re technically “not” smiling

The small change in physiology tricks the body, and the mind, into believing you’re happier. And herein lies tremendous power, as we can attack and change the mind, by first attacking and changing the body

Changing physiology… how you stand… how you breathe… the “temperature” you are - all in turn change physiology

And we love to use this and the gym to demonstrate to the next generation of young athletes & adolescents how confidence is a skill that can be learnt and developed. As when they achieve things they never thought possible their minds open up to other possibilities

And when they approach a bar with confidence they never knew they had, even though they’re unsure of the what will happen, magical things ensue

And their confidence “muscle” grows another inch, which with time and more repetitions, will see it grow into one of the strongest, most all powerful muscles they could possibly hope for

So next time you come into a situation you’re doubtful about, think “fuck it, I’m going to be confident” - and simply do it

Nick Maier