All Things Caffeine, Young Athletes & Adolescents

It shouldn't come as a surprise, but Coach Nick is a coffee fiend. He LOVES it. Mainly for the taste, but also for the performance enhancing effects that it provides us. Effects that are so powerful that WADA questioned banning it earlier this year...

A quick disclaimer, we do not recommend anyone under the age of 18 consume any form of caffeine, and those above should question limiting themselves to 400mg/day as per what the latest research has shown

Caffeine, the chemical of the Gods. Our intention in this article is to explain why it's so powerful, how it works on the body, and why it's the sole reason that most of those " fancy" pre-workouts and energy drinks work at giving us that pick-me-up - and why coffee is your smartest choice for this

Caffeine contains three different metabolites that all stimulate a different effect on the body. The first metabolite Paraxanthine increases lipolysis within the body - and out simply, it increases the mobilization of fats from storage into the bloodstream so that they can be used for energy. So essentially, caffeine ingestion can increase the amount of fat you will burn during your training session

Secondly, the next metabolite, theobromine, acts as a myocardial stimulant and dilates blood vessels, meaning that the heart can work harder for longer, and blood vessels become larger so that more blood can move through them… And finally, the third metabolite, theophylline, relaxes the smooth muscle of the lungs…

And in essence, what we have is a heart that can beat faster and therefore push more oxygenated blood through bigger blood vessels that contain more fat to be used for energy. And this isn't even touching on the hormonal response it plays with adrenaline, nor-adrenaline, and many others

So as you can see, it's no wonder WADA questioned placing it on its banned substance list - it's all powerful

And it's the only chemical that produces the results we seek - which is why we recommend staying away from energy drinks and pre-workouts - they're simply not essential within this demographic

But if you're over the age of 18, try experimenting with a shot of coffee prior to training and see how it makes you feel/perform. It may just surprise you how powerful this Godly chemical is

Nick Maier