7 Powerful Strategies for the Next Generations to Help Them Succeed in their Sport and Life

Life is incredibly complex. Well, at least we make it that way. Our days are “busier” than ever, and our minds constantly wander from one thing to the next. Over the past decade, we’ve experienced, learned, and grown a lot. Personally, I’ve defeated seemingly anorexia, orthorexia, depression & suicidal thoughts… I’ve lived & worked in Europe, gone from a failing Uni student to graduate towards the top of my year, have begun this phenomenal business, and have “failed” (see: learned) a lot. I’ve always thrown myself into learning from the greats who have gone before us and have followed the likes of Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Pete Carroll, and others - trying to learn what I can from their actions. Here are the 7 things I’ve found are continuous to all, and lessons the next generations can learn from them & my past decade of life

First and foremost, we need to understand that we’re the only thing that holds us back from achieving the “success” and things we desire to achieve. We are the string that holds our own kite back… 

And we need to learn how we can get out of our own way

Be it breaking free of a fixed-mindset, our self-limiting/disempowering beliefs, or stepping into the fear we face on a daily basis - it always stems back to us holding our own self back

Here’s exactly how we can begin helping the next generations of young athletes & adolescents do just that…

It's how we've helped Hayden receive 36 College Scholarship for Gridiron... see Aph to International Level Gymnastics... helped Bray & Rayden get into the Sydney Roosters and Cronulla Sharks systems respectively... helped Hayden make the U/18 NSW Country Baseball team... helped Sarah come 6th at her Junior World Triathlon Championships... helped Sam make the U/18 Knights Development Squad... helped Cam & Mag build a brighter future for themselves by creating healthier lifestyles... AND MANY MORE

Aph - The Youth Academy

1) Mindset & Self-Belief Is The Foundation

If you don’t believe in yourself, who else will? When you look at all of the greats across all sports, business, and life - there’s one commonality that ties them all together…

An unrivaled sense of belief in themselves and their own ability. Not a cockiness or an overconfidence, simply a belief that they can achieve what they’re setting out to do

We believe we need to see something in order to believe it… but this simply isn’t the case

We can’t see oxygen nor gravity, yet we believe they’re there as we can see their “effects”… but why can’t we choose to believe in ourselves and our abilities

This is the mantra we should be feeding the next generations. Not that they’re phenomenal at everything - but more than believing in themselves and their ability to grow and learn skills is the key

As here’s the thing… both self-belief and confidence are choices

“even when nothing is going right and it feels like the weight of the world is upon my shoulders, I’m confident because simply because I decide to be” 
- Derek Sivers

You can choose to enter a situation with a smile on your face…
You can choose to puff that chest out and take up more space…
And it’s not a sense of “self-bravado” - it’s a choice to know you’re in control of how you feel…

You’re not a puppet… so don’t let others dictate you

Sam - The Youth Academy

2) Hard Work Is the Variable for Success

In his book “Ego is the Enemy”, Ryan Holiday discusses the notion of how we tell ourselves “stories” about what’s happening…

He delves into how we make up “concepts” that take us away from reality and into a “fantasy” in a sense

But we cannot deal with the world the way we wish it were (fantasy land)… we have to deal with it the way that it is (reality)

And the way we do that is we make it about the work and the principles behind why we’re doing it. As your future success is rooted in work, creativity, and persistence

You’ve got to identify the things that will move you closer toward your goals, and then focus solely on them & go all-in on them, giving them everything you have

Work hard. Work smart. Work “long-hours”

3) Run Your Own Race

Only you know the race you’re running… 
Only you know the destination you’re trying to reach…
And only you can set the terms and conditions that you’ll evaluate your “success” by

The key is to not give too much power to other peoples thoughts & perceptions about you and what you’re trying to do - in all aspects of life

As the only person you truly need to answer to at the end of the day is the one who stares you back in the mirror - they’re the person you need to please the most at the end of the day - as they’re the person you need to live with for the rest of your life

Identifying this destination you’re heading toward, the reason you’re here is a key to life. And Viktor Frankl, a survivor of multiple concentration camps in WWII and author of “Man’s Search for Meaning” discovered that this reason or destination was what helped keep many of his fellow captives alive…

He went on to state that “he who has a why can bear almost any how” - that is, someone with a reason to push… and destination to reach… will always have a sense of purpose to run toward

Know where it is you’re trying to go, what you’re trying to achieve, what you want to experience… and then run your own race toward it and stay the course, not giving in to all the other paths & distractions that will try to intersect you

Kobes - The Youth Academy

4) Control Only That Which You Can Control

We like to think we’re in control. The truth is though, we control very little in life

Things are going to happen that are outside of your control, as in reality, the only thing you control is yourself

You control your thoughts, which control your actions, your behaviors, your habits, and therefore your legacy

We try to control others, as we get upset by their decisions and their actions - but that’s their life to live, not ours… and we need to understand this and let whatever happens, happen

Things are going to come, so we need to let them come…
Things are going to go, and we need to let them go

The power lies in not riding the highs or the lows, and knowing that this is a natural aspect to life. Control yourself, as that’s all you truly can

"Watch your thoughts for they become words. Watch your words for they become deeds. Watch your deeds for they become your habits. Watch your habits for they become your character. And character is everything”
- Lao Tzu

5) Keep It Simple, Always

When it comes to your training, your recovery, your schoolwork, your relationships - keep it simple

Focus on the basics. Focus on helping others. Focus on doing only that which is necessary. All else is a waste of time and energy

Things aren’t complex, and they don’t need to be. People just make them so to hide their imperfections and to feed their ego

Nutrition isn’t complex & it doesn’t need to be in this situation. Eat your veggies, drink your water, and then eat your protein & carbs in relation to the goals you have. If you’re not gaining weight you need more food… if you’re not losing it, you need less… if you’re not performing the best, chances are you need more food and sleep

When it comes to training focus on your technique and performing every rep perfectly. Focus on compound movements & being better than you were yesterday

Nothing in life needs to be complex, and when we find ourselves overwhelmed and stressed, it’s often due to our overcomplicating the situation

In these times take a step back and slow down… there is great power in slowing down in order to speed up…

Nutrition - The Youth Academy

6) Nutrition Basics

  • Get your five serves of vegetables each and every day. Listen to skittles and try to “taste the rainbow” by getting a variety of different colours and textures

  • Have some protein at every eating occasion. Proteins are our materials and “building blocks” that aid in proper growth and recovery

  • Love your carbohydrates. If proteins are our “building blocks” then carbs are our workers, and nothing will ever be built without them. They help allow for insulin to be released, which is the most anabolic hormone in the body, and allows for the body to repair itself and grow

  • Drink your water. Just 2% dehydration severely decreases performance levels - so ensure you’re always sipping on water or some form of liquid. For training & games lasting longer than 60min, a sports drink is a great way to replace both fluids and electrolytes + provide carbohydrates for energy

  • Make the best choice you can at the current time. Life happens, you’re going to find yourself out for food or at a fast-food place - so just make the best choice you can at that time & then move on. Simple…

7) It’s About More The Training

The training is the thing that matters the least. Everything The Academy does, everything we do within the walls of our HQ is about so much more than just the training…

It’s about helping these next generations to see that they’re worth it…
To see that they’re capable of things they never thought possible…

And to help them set the most solid of foundations to develop themselves into the athletes & people they aspire to become and achieve “success” on their own terms

When you look at those athletes who have made it to the professional level, the physical skills are generally within 5% of one another… so what is it that makes the greats that extra bit special? It’s what happens between their two ears

It’s the stories they tell themselves in their heads…
It’s how they deal with failure & adversity…
It’s how they do the work necessary, working harder than anyone else…

And this is what you need to grasp. The training is important, but if you can’t use it in a game situation or adapt to the changing “environment” and “media”, then, unfortunately, the training won’t matter

If you’re not looking after your nutrition, sleep & recovery, your training will never be optimal

So never look at the training itself, look at how you’re applying yourself to it, or look at the other things that might be affecting it…

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