Taller than Mt Everest, and a stare that is worse than Medusa's, this young lady has the ability to turn the level to 10 at the flick of a switch. She's the silent achiever of The Academy, and does nothing but continue to amaze and inspire us

Age: 16
Sport(s): Volleyball and Netball
Positions: Goal Shooter and The "One who does the Spiking"
Nickname: "The Sloth"

How Long Have You Been Playing?
Volleyball for almost 2 years and netball since I was 6

What Do You Love About Your Sports?
I love how it feels playing in team sports as you can feed off your teams energy. And you also get to work together and have each others backs. Every player has their own job in the team and on the court court, and everyone's effort contributes to the end result

What's Been Your Biggest Accomplishment So Far?
Since 2011 I've been playing representative netball for Charlestown and playing at a state level. I've also been chosen to play in the under 16s NSW volleyball team

What Drew You To The Academy?
My sister Isobel started, and I could see noticeable gains from working with Nick, and I thought I might like to see those changes for myself. So with some encouragement I followed Izzy to training and surprised myself straight away

What Do You Love About The Academy?
I love how it feels to be amongst a good bunch of kids who have goals like me. Plus, they all work hard but also have fun at the same time

How Has The Academy Helped You So Far?
So far I've noticed since I started a short while ago my motivation has improved and I'm pushing myself further than what I ever expected. I'm also doing things in the gym I thought I wasn't able to do. I've noticed how I feel after a session that I feel a lot better. It has also helped my sports as well, because my strength and form has greatly improved and with further training it can only get better

What's Been The Biggest Mindset Shift You've Had Since Joining The Academy?
At the end of every session my head feels a lot clearer. I also know that there is no real boundary to how far I can push myself

If You Could Be Any Superhero, Who Would You Be?
Either Donatello or Raphael (the purple or red ninja turtle)... because they are just the best ninja turtles

P.S: don't let her nickname of "The Sloth" or her obvious love of pizza - Ninja Turtles ;) - put you off - as Eloise is always one of the hardest workers as soon as she sets her foot down in the gym