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Imagine... Imagine having an edge on your competition...

The same edge that the worlds best used to get to the pinnacle of their craft... and the same they use to stay there, well ahead of their competition

The funny thing... there's no true difference between the best in the world at their craft and those just underneath them - except for what happens between their two ears

Everything begins with our mind... it's the foundation that all of your future success is built upon

Our "Cultivating A Champions Mindset" is a first-of-its-kind, all-encompassing educational resource designed specifically to help the next generations of young athletes & adolescents develop a growth mindset, attack life, and achieve the dreams & aspirations they have for both sport & life


  • An Online, Educational Video Library packed with the lessons, ideologies, and tips we've learned from world-class performers, current & ex-professional athletes, and health professionals at the top of their fields 
  • Activities & Resources to help you take action on what you learn, and help implement it into your life so that you reap the true benefits of a champions mindset
  • From how to shift from a fixed to a growth mindset... to what fear truly means and how to react to it... to the real way to set goals, and not the SMART way that never seems to work... and much, much more



This resource is with you for life - you'll always have access. But the best news is that it's updated weekly with new video's and activities

And this is a choose your own adventure - you get to access and watch whatever you need right now. Whatever resonates with you. Whatever can help you at this present point in time

You're in the drivers seat. Complete freedom. No video's are compulsory and you can watch, listen, and learn as often as you'd like



Because this is what the next generation(s) deserve. We're currently suffering from a generational poverty of the mind where young athletes & adolescents are being told that their abilities are fixed. That they're not good enough. And that they never will be...

And yet, this simply isn't the case

They need to learn that any obstacle in life they face they can and will overcome...

They need to learn that their potential truly is nearly limitless - as with enough energy, focus, and time they can go on to learn any skill the desire & achieve any goal they set themselves...

And they need to know that it's not about who they are today that matters most... it's about who they want to become and how hard they're willing to work to become that person

As these are the core pillars of a true, Champions Mindset




Inside you'll discover:

  • The Academy's Unique Warmup Guide: Including Our Base Warmup + Lower & Upper Body Specific Warmups
  • The Academy Nutrition Bible: An All-Encompassing Guide that makes the Complexities of Nutrition Simple, and Delves into Macronutrients, Micronutrients, Supplements, Our Nutrition Principles Specific to Young Athletes & Adolescents, and Much More...
  • Access To A Private, Unique Facebook Community Of Like-Minded Individuals who are all involved with the CACM Project so that you can connect & grow together
  • Three Insider Secrets that will help you discover what matters most in life... the most important thing you need to know about yourself... and the biggest commonality between professional athletes, world-class performers, and Navy Seals...
  • Three Secret Video's containing ideologies, lessons, and tips from world-class strength coaches & world-class performers to help you develop & grow yourself into the athlete and person you desire to become
  • Your Unique Password To All Of Your "Cultivating A Champions Mindset" Video Content, Resources, and Activities

Ben Atkins

Australian Pararoo's Vice-Captain on
Overcoming Others Limitations



Hayden Yates

Ex-Australian Schoolboys Rep, 1st Grade Rugby League Player, and Future College Gridiron Star


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