Connor - The Youth Academy

There's only one thing you need to know about this young man - he's the original BAMF. He's a hammer, and nothing, NOTHING, will ever stop him...


Name: Connor
Age: 12
Sport: Soccer, Futsal
Position(s): Midfield
Nickname: The BAMF

How Long Have You Been Playing Netty?
I've been playing soccer for 8 years

What Do You Love About It?
I love the intensity and the enjoyment. Plus, the teamwork is great

What's Been Your Biggest Accomplishment So Far?
Getting selected to play overseas twice in Futsal for Australia

What Drew You To The Academy?
Mum was talking to Jesse about it and next minute we started

What Do You Love About The Academy?
The coach is nice and instructive, and it challenges me

How Has The Academy Helped You Improve Thus Far?
I feel much stronger and more confident

What's The Biggest Mindset Shift You've Had Since Joining The Academy?
I have more confidence and belief in myself

If You Could Be Any Superhero, Who Would You Be?