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 Our mission is to create supportive environments that guide & empower the youth to their goals

At The Academy we’re Revolutionising Youth Development in Australia, and Worldwide. It is our vision to be the centre of Youth Development and to shift the way that youth development is currently done to take an entire, whole-system approach into account

Available Positions

The academy internship program

Overview: The environment created at The Academy places unique demands on a coach, and we expect that all of our coaches have the ability to adapt and place their kids in a position to progress, evolve and succeed both mentally and physically.  To ensure the highest level of attention is given to our kids, The Academy requires an extensive Internship Program before we agree to let an individual facilitate kids

At The Academy, we identify a qualified coach as someone who can demonstrate adequate knowledge pertaining to the 6 foundational movements patterns of Youth Development and all of The Academy’s Youth Development Methodology.  A qualified coach will be able to teach, see and correct movement patterns with a relentless attitude, and at the same time be able to connect + form relationships with The Academy kids and being caring and understanding of their individual needs

To be accepted into The Academy Internship program, potential applicants must download & submit an application form (to the right), or submit a video addressed to the Director of Operations/Head Coach describing their background in sports, what The Academy means to them and why they would like to work at The Academy. The Head Coach will evaluate and respond to the applicant in a timely manner

The focus of this Internship is to give the potential coach all of the tools and knowledge required to excel as an Academy Youth Development Coach, and will allow us to evaluate the potential coaches performance and knowledge, and understanding of the The Academy’s culture

The Academy Internship is broken into five phases of Practical Coaching over a period of 12 weeks

  1. Assist, Shadow and Participate in 12 Training Sessions over the course of a month with a Full-time Coach

  2. Teaching of 3-6 movements per day, for a period of one month

  3. 10 hours of shadowing The Academy sessions

  4. 10 hours of assistant coaching The Academy sessions

  5. 10 hours of coaching classes under direct supervision of the Head Coach

In addition to the Practical Coaching, there will be 12 Weeks of Theoretical Coaching (30-60min) per week, consisting of the following:

  1. Connection, Relationships, Communication and Language

  2. Unilateral Movements

  3. The Squat & its Derivatives

  4. The Hip-Hinge and its Derivatives

  5. Power Movements

  6. Horizontal Pushes, Pulls and their Derivatives

  7. Vertical Pushes, Pulls and their Derivatives

  8. Core Movements

  9. Conditioning Modalities

  10. Programming, Progressions & Evolution

  11. Final Test

After each phase, the Potential Coach will have an assessment meeting with the Director of Operations/Head Coach to review their performance, and will be given valuable feedback on how to improve for the next phase.  We expect the potential coach to take all advice seriously and to demonstrate constant improvement from week to week and phase to phase

At the commencement of The Academy Internship Program, The Head Coach will have the 3 options moving forward:

  1. Not Now – The Director of Operations/Head Coach may wish to stop The Academy Internship Program at this time.

  2. Continue – The potential coach will continue with the next phase of The Academy Internship Program; continuing to improve and learn about the coaching standards.

  3. Offer Assistant Coach Position – The head coach may wish to stop The Academy Internship Program at this time and offer the potential coach a position as an assistant coach

Below are the evaluation criteria for the potential coach:

  1. Presence and Attitude

  2. Managing & Facilitating Groups

  3. Teaching Movements

  4. Seeing, Correcting & cuing static positions and dynamic movement

  5. Building Relationships & Connecting with Kids and Parents

  6. Educating and Inspiring the Academy Kids

  7. The Academy Methodology:

    1. There will be 3 books to read and podcasts to listen to, of which there will be three presentations to The Academy Coaches at a Monthly Meeting

Time Commitment/Work Schedule/Pay: 30 Hours of shadowing assisting and coaching. Additional individual time to study resources and material. This is a non-paid internship

Experience & Education:

  1. Cert III and IV in Fitness

  2. Working with Children Check

Assistant coach (part time)


  1. Facilitating Group Classes

  2. Fulfilling Opening/Close Procedures

  3. Weekly Cleaning Responsibilities

  4. Attend & Assist, Promote Community Events

  5. Execute Strategic Marketing Initiatives

  6. Be Active on Social Media/Wodify

  7. Other Duties as Assigned

  8. Design and Execute Academy Programming

Assistant/Part Time Coaches will help us fill gaps in our schedule and assist the Head Coach for larger groups. Their primary role is to focus on new kids and help the Head Coach facilitate sessions to execute a fun & safe experience for Academy Kids

Time Commitment/Work Schedule & Pay: Assistant Coaches work 5-15 hours per week in group classes. Pay is $15-$25/hr dependent on experience


  1. Flexible Work Environment

  2. Personal Development

  3. Uniform

  4. Discounts

Experience & Education:

Minimum Requirements:

  1. 1 year of coaching experience in a group or 1-on-1 setting

  2. Level III & IV in Fitness

  3. CPR Certification (within 30 days of hire date)

  4. If under 1 year coaching experience, check out our internship program

  5. Working with Children’s Check

Preferred Requirements:

  1. Strength & Conditioning Level 1

  1. Completion of The Strong Curriculum →

head coach (full time)


  1. Lead & Facilitate Academy Sessions

  2. Perform Movement Optimisation Sessions

  3. Manage a Membership Roster up to 100 Kids

  4. Design and Execute Academy Programming

  5. Cleaning Duties

  6. Fulfilling Opening/Close Procedures

  7. Attend & Assist, Promote Community Events

  8. Execute Strategic Marketing Initiatives

  9. Develop Content for Website/Social Media

  10. Be Active on Social Media

  11. Liaise with Academy Parents

Time, Work Commitments & Pay:
Head Coaches spend anywhere from 15-25 hours a week facilitating sessions and ~5 hours a week on client liaison & administrative tasks. Six days per week with set session times. Our coaches coach in a block of afternoon periods from 4pm-7:30pm and Saturdays from 9-10:30am. Pay is commensurate with experience, and percentage based system based on clientele.


  1. 4 Weeks(15 Days) Paid Vacation

  2. Personal/Sick Leave as Needed

  3. Gym Membership

  4. Uniform

  5. Discounts

  6. Gym pays 50% on approved Professional Development Programs/Certifications

Experience & Education:

Minimum Requirements:

  1. 1 year of coaching experience within a small group or 1-on-1 setting

  2. Cert III & IV in Fitness

  3. Level 1 Strength & Conditioning

  4. Working with Childrens Check

  5. CPR Certification (within 30 days of hire date)

Preferred Requirements:

  1. Completion of The Strong Coach Program →

  2. Level 2 Strength & Conditioning

  3. Landmark Advanced Course within 1st year


How To Apply

Send a copy of your resume and a completed version of the downloadable file (accessible to the right) to with the Subject Line: “Coaching Application at The Academy”
- Coach Nick