DD22 - Representing Your Country As A Teen | Yasmin Skene

"Work harder for what you want... Even if you think it's going to happen, even if you think you have "talent", hard work is what sets you apart" - Yazzie Skene

Those are the words of advice Australian Floorball Representative, Yazzie Sken would pass onto these next generations of youths

And it's perfect, as it's a principle that affects every aspect of life - not just sport

In this weeks Deep Dive, we sit down with Yaz to discuss:
✅ Handling pressure and absorbing it to perform at your best
✅ Confidence, what it is and where you can discover it
✅ What it was like to play for Australia prior to the age of 18
✅ Identity and what it's like to have to change your identity at a young age
✅ And much more...

Enjoy this one Fam 


Nick Maier