030 - I hope this goes quick...

We'll be honest - complaining isn't going to take you anywhere worth going. In fact, all complaining will really do for you in life is help you dig yourself an even deeper grave

" with great responsibility comes great power
- Jim Kwik

And being responsible for your life and everything that happens in it is a stance that you must take in life. One of the most common forms of this that we come across is when young athletes say "I hope this goes quick"...

But why... Why do we want for an experience we've placed ourselves in to go quick? What is it about the future that's so much more appealing that we cannot enjoy the process and this present moment in time?

The real issue, the underlying one, is why we're putting ourselves in situations that we don't want to be in, ones where we pray that they go by quick... the answer lies in answering "why am I even here then, what's the reason" - as you're never truly forced in a situation, you can always voice your opinion... there is always something you could do, or could have done, to change a certain situation

It's hard, especially when you're young, and there will be times when you need to go somewhere with your parents. But then, it's up to you to be responsible for how you show up at that place. You may not want to be there, but you can stay present and do your best - as complaining won't make it go any quicker, and it'll be a much more difficult situation than if you rode the wave out

Actionable Tip + Question:

  • Do I ever find myself in instances where I say to myself "I hope this goes quickly" or "I cannot wait for this to end"? If so, what do they look like? And why, what's the reason I want this to go quick or to end?
  • Once you've identified the reason, you can begin working on how to either shift your perspective, or how to approach the situation so that you don't find yourself there again
Nick Maier