What Is The Cultivating A Champions Mindset Project?

First & foremost, it exists for the next generations of young athletes & adolescents. To empower them with everything they need to develop themselves into the athletes and people they aspire to become. It’s where we take a deep dive into mindset and come out on the other side with all the tools needed to better understand yourself, life, and get out of your own way and into action

It’s our belief that these next generations deserve nothing but the very best in guidance and support to set the most solid of foundations upon which they can build the futures they desire and achieve success on their own terms

Why mindset? Well, it’s the foundation of everything that we do in life. Whether we believe we can or we can’t, we’re 100% right… and we’re here to show and educate you that YOU can

Whether it’s overcoming fear, cultivating more confidence and self-belief, understanding the truths behind frustration, to shifting perspectives around pain, obstacles and your true capabilities - it all begins in the mind

For those of you who have no background on me, I’m Nick Maier...

I was a failure. A coward. A runaway. An overweight, borderline obese child. An anorexic, orthorexic, depressive, suicidal thinking teen. A failing uni student. A local cricket representative. A state Baseball representative. An unemployed, centrelink earning adult. A business owner who dropped close to $50k in a year on business coaching. A nomad. A door-to-door salesman...

Now, I’m a 27yr old educator + a student of life. An avid reader. An accredited Dietitian. An S&C Coach. A mindset coach. And founder of The Youth Academy - a first-of-its-kind facility specifically designed to facilitate growth in the next generations by being the incubator that develops and prepares them for the rigours of their lives

And in our first year of existence, we’ve been blessed to help over 100 young athletes + adolescents face-to-face, and many more online...

It’s safe to say that in my 27yrs of existence I’ve experienced a few things, failed an absolute fuckload of times, and learned many powerful lessons

Life is about helping others and adding value to their lives. Helping them ascend the ladder to a higher level once we’ve climbed it ourselves - which is one of our main goals here

To help you ascend the ladder… to help you solve complex problems you have in your life & understand more about yourself and what’s occurring

This isn’t about motivation. This is about impact, education, and implementation

There are three core beliefs we instill in every single young athlete & adolescent we come in contact with:

  1. Your potential is nearly limitless - as with enough energy, focus, and time there is nothing you cannot go on to achieve, no skill you cannot learn, in life...

  2. Any obstacle you face in life you can and you will overcome

  3. It’s not about who you are today that matters, it’s about who you want to become and how hard you’re willing to work to become that person

What can you expect from us here? That’s simple - daily podcasts specifically designed to help you. There’ll be short, bite-sized chunks of actionable knowledge and tips + longer deep-dives into topics and aspects with experts and those who have come before us

Please enjoy. We’re incredibly grateful for you and simply cannot wait to embark on this journey with you

- Coach Nick

Nick Maier