072 - what do we do when the fire goes out?

Inside of us, we all have a burning fire - a passion for something we long for more than anything else

In some, this fire is raging, it's what fuels them to reach the heights they're at and achieve what it is that they're achieving. Think of LeBron, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Roger Federer, Sharni Layton, and many more...

And yet, in others, there lies only a flickering spark... a spark that's being dimmed by society, the thoughts of others, and an unknown reason to please others and fit in... but it's a spark that has potential

But this fire, this passion, it doesn't always rage at it's grandest - I know for a fact that mine always oscillates and sometimes, shortly, even goes out. It's the moment we lose the passion for what we're doing and we lose sight of what means most to us. It's when we feel lost, drained, and like we're continually running on a treadmill of death - expending energy but not getting anywhere

So what can we do when this fire goes out or begins to slow itself down to a kindling spark? We take deep breaths, we relax, we take time off to refocus, and we keep things simple by going back to basics and focusing on those things that matter most to us and help us move toward our goals

I often find that the moments my fire goes out is when I become too outcome focused - it's something I battle weekly. As an example, let's say you aim to play for Australia one day, that's the outcome you aspire to. Well, we need to break this down into daily tasks and fall in love with the process of doing what we need to do in order to become the type of person who can play for Australia. We need to take it step by step, ticking off the boxes along the way, and enjoying the ups and downs that come with it. Training hard, recovering harder...

When we're focused solely on this and enjoying every moment, the fire is raging. When we take our eyes off this however and they become future-focused, we lose momentum and we lose our fire - as we begin to think of how far we've got to go and how we're not that person right now

It's the same for every goal we set ourselves. We lose our fire, our determination, our passion when we realise how far we've still got to go or we don't quite achieve our goals in the timeframe we set ourselves. And it's in these moments that we need to bring ourselves back to the present moment, back to the process, and help to make that fire inside of us burn strong yet again

That's what we do when the fire goes out... we rediscover our love for what we're doing and begin to realise that it's all going to be okay

Actionable Tips + Questions:

  • Are you losing your fire, your motivation and passion for training, competing, or going after that which it is you want in life? If so, why? Are you becoming too future-focused and seeing how far you've still got to go? If this is you, be grateful you're in the arena getting to chase what you desire and take time to reflect back on how far you've come + write down one thing you love about what you're doing... something you can fall back in love with
Nick Maier