093 - what am I really saying?

Your parents enter the room and you already know what they're going to say, don't you... you can sense their energy and their mood before they even open their mouth to speak... 

Or you're sitting there at lunchtime with your friends - their arms are crossed, and they're staring off into the distance with this look on their face that screams tension

Or you enter the dressing room at half-time... what's the difference between a lot of movement and a lack of movement? It's huge... a lot of movement makes you think good thoughts, lots of energy! Whereas a lack of movement makes you think somber thoughts, people aren't happy...

It's a weird conundrum, but an all-powerful one to understand

And it all ties in with body language and how powerful it is at conveying messages for us... In fact, studies have gone on to show that how we communicate our message and understand the message of others are much varied to what you might think...

  • The words we use accounts for 7% of the overall message
  • The tone of voice used accounts for 38% of the overall message
  • The Body Language we portray accounts for 55% of the overall message

55% of the overall message... more than half

How are you showing up in life? What is it that you're really saying with your body and the energy you bring to a room. If you're angry, upset, and frustrated, it's going to show - more than you know... For me, I know this brings about shallow breathing, restlessness, a need to continually walk around, wanting to be closed off from others and a disinterest in what's happening around me


How are you showing up at home after school?
How are you showing up at your training?
How are you showing up with your friends?

Remember, you're in complete control of your feelings and what's happening. You get to decide how you want to show up, and your body language is the place to begin...

Tell yourself a better story of what's happening and learn to breathe and relax in moments of stress and fear. Stay mindful and present of how you're showing up in life with your body language and bring better energy to everything you do -  seek to add more to the collective instead of taking it away

Actionable Tips + Questions:

  • How do you want to show up in different aspects of life? What are the top 1-3 traits you want to bring to your family, sport, school, and friends? Who's the type of person you aspire to be?
  • Where are you currently not showing up how you want to? Why? What are some of the triggers that set you off, and how can you minimise/remove them or replace them with positive triggers?
Nick Maier