032 - how "feeling" can benefit the next generations

All emotions that we feel are simply a feedback mechanism. It's what our external environment is "telling us" about what's happening, and giving us an idea about how we should respond to it

We desire more feeling of happiness, joy, and pleasure - so we will seek experiences and activities that feed us more of them - they're feedback that we're doing the right thing

And the same can be said of pain, anger, frustration and the feelings we don't like experiencing... they're teaching us that something is wrong, and we need to change it in order for these feelings to go away. In a sense, they're teachers for us - and the worst thing we can do is try to "numb" them, not acknowledge them, or sweep them under a rug...

If Star Wars taught me anything, it's to see the power on the dark side. To see how powerful we can be when we direct our anger and frustration at attacking and achieving our goals, not other people. The danger lies in not letting it consume you all the time - as if you do, that's when you shift to the dark side

At the beginning of life we can't truly see or make sense of the word, we learn by feeling... we feel with our toes, hands, feet and fingers... the touch of our mother, the feel of the grass in between our toes

And then with time, we begin to go away from these "feeling" and more into "thinking"...

We begin to rationalise everything, as this is what we're told will work... solve this problem by thinking about it, then think harder - and if it still doesn't come, try harder again

But we cannot force anything in life... and what if we're not simply "feeling" it, or that this way will work

What if we chose to listen to this "feeling"... this gut... this intuition that we've hidden for so long...

We're emotional creatures first and foremost. And our emotions are our greatest source of feedback, they're telling us to either keep doing what we're doing or to stop it. We cannot out-think them, so instead, we need to go into them

Actionable Tip/Question:

  • When was the last time I truly felt all of an emotion, what was it, and why did I let myself "feel" it?
  • Do I normally try to numb what I'm feeling and think my way out of situations? Do I try and sweep them under the rug? If so, why?
Nick Maier