training tip 016 - auto regulation...

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Paul Chek is an absolute "guru" if there ever was one. He's a man with more experience in all things health related than the majority of experts I know combined, and can go a mile deep on a million different topics - which is something only a handful of others can attest to

And there's a concept of his I love more than anything I've come across lately - a concept of working in vs working out

See, we all "work out"... we all train, sometimes daily, pushing our bodies and minds to their brink. If we're thinking of it in a different term, this is taking action, it's like a fire... and we're usually missing the antithesis, or the opposite of this, the "working in"... the actions and times where we recover from the fire, putting it out with water if you will

Stretching. Mobility. Breathe Work. Active Recovery. Lighter days where we focus on movement. All are examples of working in

And it's something these next generations need to learn about themselves and their own training before they burn themselves out... this is a concept that's going to keep them in the game for longer, both physically with their bodies and mentally with their love for what they're doing

And it's one belief that we take every seriously here at The Academy, this "auto-regulation" toward the kids training on a day-to-day-basis

Set foot inside our HQ, and you'll see us ask every kid the same question when we first see them... "how's the day been/how are you feeling/how's school going"

Why? We're gauging how they're truly feeling and adapt the day's programming based off this. Sometimes they may not have slept, are under mental + physical stress, or have played multiple games of school sport - so they're not exactly firing on all cylinders...

And it's in these instances we bring our intention and focus to one main thing about today's session, ensuring we give our 100% to that and then simply work through the rest

We always need to remember that we're not training for today, we're training for "x" amount of time down the track & it's the accumulation of work over a long period of time that matters most... Having said that though, we want to ensure we're process focused and not outcome focused, so staying present in today's training session is key too...

And this is why we feel that auto-regulation is a key factor to bring into the physical development of these next generations. Instead of trying to force them through an intense session when the body isn't quite up to it, perhaps it's time to pivot and reset the intention of the training session...

Have a heavy lower body session planned and there's been minimal sleep, minimal food, and a huge game was had two days ago? Don't try and play the hero and push through... Instead, adapt, refocus and perhaps work some unilateral movements or barbell "speed" work instead to get the work in at a lower intensity, save the body, and move the heavy movements to a later day that week

After all, isn't that what great coaches do? Adapt...
- Coach Nick

Note: if the intention of a specific training period is to produce a "super compensation" outcome, then the work will need to be done regardless of how we're feeling, as that's the intention of that sort of training program/schedule

Nick Maier