mindset bite #017 - throw your new year resolutions in the bin!

Here's the hard truth about this time of year that many people fail to comprehend - new years resolutions are one of the worst things you can do for yourself ...

There's a reason so many people set them and fail to achieve them - they don't tie any emotion or belief into them... they think it's okay to give up on them, as hell, everyone else does

Instead, we love to simply talk about and identify an experience you want to have in 2018 - and then reverse engineer it down into what you need to do and who you need to become in order to have that experience. And the phenomenal guys and girls over at Impact Theory have an exceptional little checklist to help you do just that...

Part 1 - Shift Your Identity
Firstly, you need to create a self-narrative that primes you for success and leads you toward where you want to go. The mantra's and identity I will be creating for myself in 2018 are:

  • I am always a student
  • I am careful about what I start, but whatever I start, I finish
  • I am the type of person that doesn't accept excuses from themselves...
  • I am the type of person that is the hardest work in the room...
  • I am the type of person that always shows courage in the face of fear and doesn't stop...

Part 2 - Resolve
The experience you desire to have in 2018 MUST BE exciting and deadly specific - if not, you'll get off track and there won't be enough emotion or a deep enough "why" behind helping you achieve it...

What is it you want to experience in 2018? Personally, mine is that The Academy will impact >1,000 young athletes + adolescents + parents and we will have >100,000 podcast downloads/educational website views/FB group members

Does this excite me? Fuck yes it does as I get to help and be of service to others... Is it specific? Yep, as I know where I'm going and what numbers I'm looking at... it's binary, either a yes I achieved this, or no I did not

If yours isn't exciting to you or specific enough, try rediscovering it...

Part 3 - Credibility
Confidence comes from competence and credibility - we need to see something in order to believe it's real. We need some small wins and to generate momentum to get us moving and keep us going for the long-term and when things get tough

We need to set "micro-goals" that are meaningful and easy to hit... So, what are three micro-goals you can set that will help move you toward your overarching 2018 experience?

For me, it's:

  • Produce content daily for the blog and podcast
  • Showcase the kids, their stories, and their successes 2-3x/week across social media platforms
  • Contact 1-2 people each week who can help me publish my book

It is from this data and feedback that we will know if we're on the path to success or not... 

If your goal is the make a 1st grade or rep side, how many training sessions will you perform each week... how long will you spend on recovery each day... how many books/podcasts from those who have come before you will you read/listen to?

If your goal is to increase your grades at school to a specific level, how many books on the topic will you read for the year? How many hours a week will you spend studying? (N.B - you can break these down into smaller targets, such as books per year can become per month, then per week and per day... the same can be said for weekly hours spent studying being broken down into a daily time period)

Success Metrics:

  • 365 blogs and podcasts produced in 2018
  • 100-150 pieces of content across social that showcase our phenomenal kids
  • "151 Notes" book written and published or in the process of being published

What are your success metrics?

Part 4 - Make It Your Reality
Now that we know the experience we desire to have in 2018 and have built our strong identity around it, it's time to form your compelling & empowering narrative...

  1. My 2018 experience is... to impact >1,000 YA + A + P and have >100,000 podcast downloads/educational website visitors/FB group members/books sold
  2. I am going to crush this because I am the type of person that... doesn't accept excuses from themselves, is the hardest worker in the room, who always shows courage in the face of fear and never stops...
  3. I cannot wait to jump out of bed early every morning and start attacking my goals brick by brick, where the first step is going to be... produce daily podcast/blog content, showcasing our Academy Kids, and reaching out to those who can help me write + publish my book
  4. Once I reach >1,000 YA + A + P impacted and >100,000 downloads, I'll know I've completed my 2018 experience, and only then will I begin planning my 2019 one

Actionable Tips/Questions:

It's simple - perform the above activity for yourself. You can download a copy of it all HERE


Nick Maier