mindset bite #008 - slow down to speed up...

What's the rush? 
Why are we all in such a hurry...

The entire world wants everything yesterday. And right this very second is their second choice

Apparently, the timer is running down quicker than I thought... I know it is for all of us - but surely it's not as quickly as every actions are saying it is

Just yesterday morning I was walking along Merewether Beach. The sun was rising over the ocean. It was absolutely breathtaking. Freaking majestic

I stopped to soak it all in...

And there everyone else was... 
Running right on past it

They were in this state of frenzy to "get it done", only to rush off and be a slave to their day

There was no control. It was frantic. You'd think the world was actually ending

Even those walking were in a rush to finish!

Nobody stopped to breathe in the beauty. And it occurred to me, nobody rarely does

The conversations were constantly about how much they were dreading their day... how there was nothing good in it

And right in front of their eyes. There she was. Mother Nature in all her beauty. Putting on one hell of a fucking show for us all to see 🌞

But people were too busy to drink it in. We always are.

We're worrying about things out of our control, like the past, or we are nervous about the future...

We're never fully present in this very moment

Don't get me wrong, I worry about the future too. But every time I catch myself I bring it back to the present

I've been getting way too worked up about this new project we are undertaking, trying to discover what it looks like, and all the self-imposed pressure it brings. It's something that can help us impact thousands upon thousands of kids, and that excites and scares me! And that fact that now it's my reality the internal pressure has kicked up a notch

But you know what - the time that's passed has opened doors I never thought imaginable. Doors that have created brilliant opportunities...

Opportunities that would never have come if I'd rushed to simply "get it done"...

Yes, your life is passing you by. But the sad thing is it goes quicker when you don't stop to appreciate the small things

There is no real rush. So don't be in one... You've got so much time, so many years ahead of you... All will unfold as it should

Life does not need to be a sprint. 
So stop and soak up the beauty... you're young and have plenty of time in your futures

Plus, there's a funny thing that happens when you let the mind switch off... when you slow down and step away from it all -  your greatest idea's begin to form

And when we slow down, we identify the critical things that need doing, making us more effective and therefore speeding us up in the long-term...

The great Gary Vee just created a project based on this topic... he was on a flight from Sweden to NYC and the plane had no WiFi... 

He was forced to "slow down" from his busy pace, and in return, he thought of and unleashed a new project himself. When we don't force things, they begin to fall into place with time

It's the subconscious mind working its magic

So sometimes, slow down and take a step back. You just might surprise yourself with what happens. And remember, the tortoise wins in the end 🐢

Actionable Tips/Questions:

  • I'm a self-proclaimed forcer and have the patience of a hungry newborn child - but being aware of these things allows me to change them... so once again, it all begins with awareness 
  • "Where in my life do I not deploy patience and try to force things?"
  • "Am I trying to force this to happen? What would happen if I took a step back instead and tried to approach it from a different angle?"
Nick Maier