068 - it's simple, but goddam it's not easy

There's a truth that I'm beginning to discover that most people don't agree with, and it's that we already are, and have everything inside of us that we want and desire to be

The hard work comes from doing the work to let these things come out and showcase these skills

  • If you want to increase your speed, you already have everything you need to be capable of doing it - you simply need to go and do the work that accompanies it...
  • If you want to begin living a healthier lifestyle, you already are healthy, and it comes with making those simple, healthy decisions to eat better and move everyday
  • If you want to make that rep squad, or play first grade, or play at a higher level - you already can - what's needed is developing the skills needed to play at that level, and doing the things a person who plays at that level does

It's simple, but goddam it's not easy. Believe in yourself, your abilities, and what you're capable of. Believe me on that...

Actionable Step + Questions:

  1. Do you truly believe in yourself and your abilities? Or do you see your limitations more than anything?
  2. Are you currently doing the things you need to in order to reach a higher level, or are you coasting?
Nick Maier