DD2 - How To Identify Your Values & Change Your Life's Trajectory w/ Shaun Borg

Shaun Borg is a PT and soon-to-be life coach that has seemingly lived a hundred lives in his young life so far, encountering many hardships, setbacks, and triumphs along the way. But he wouldn't change any of it for the world

A former national level swimmer in his youth, he knows what it takes to push yourself physically and mentally to the breaking points at a young age, and has experienced the effects of this first hand, as well as having to make the hard decision at a young age to leave the thing he loves most to pursue a different endeavour in life

In today's Deep Dive we delve into:

  • The current approach we're taking towards training these next generations and how it's more harmful than beneficial for them
  • The lessons learned from a childhood of sport and how they transfer to life
  • How to take ownership and become the King/Queen of your life
  • How to discover your values and live authentically 

Such a pleasure to sit down and have a hear-to-heart conversation with him about the current state of physical training we're putting these next generations through and more

Nick Maier