057 - setting your intention...

It's the first cliche question that fathers ask the boyfriends on their daughters: " what's your intention here...", or in other words, what are you planning/seeking/aiming to do?

"If one does not know for which harbor they're sailing, no wind is the right wind"
- Seneca

What harbor are you currently sailing for...
What are you aiming to achieve...
If you don't have a clear outline here, you will continually run on the hamster wheel of death, feeling like you're never getting anywhere

Intention is all powerful, and we can set it for anything, anytime we so choose. Last week we talked about how excellence lies in these next five minutes, well the same is true for intention

What's your intention today?
What's your intention at school?
What's your intention with your sport right now/this year, or your training session for today?

As an example, your intention for school this semester might be to get an improve your grade to an A in science whilst maintaining everything else... or it might be to show up better in class, focus more, and provide better friendships with your friends

In your sport, your intention for this training session might be to simply get the work done, or it could be to nail your heavy sets of squats with perfect form. It might be to make the NSW Squad or your local squad. It may even be to play every game this season and stay injury free. They're all exceptional intentions as they all give us something to focus on and work toward

Some people fall into the trap of setting their intentions too low, however, and they let themselves off the hook... they don't push... they don't demand excellence of themselves and they simply coast through life

Some days you will feel off and coasting will happen, you won't have 100% to give and will feel like busted ass - but your intention should remain to give everything you have, even if it's not your 100%. Focus on one thing, execute it, and win at it - that way, you can call your day successful

As an example, a few Monday's ago I drove back from a short weekend stay in Byron Bay. We left at 6am, arrived back in Newcastle at 3pm, The Academy kids began rolling in at 3:15pm, and I didn't finish with them till 8:30pm that night. Now, in my eyes, this had been a terrible day thus far as I hadn't done any work on the business or on myself - so I set the intention to do one blog/podcast and move my body for 30 minutes... by 9:30pm I was done, and I classified the day as a win & moved on

That's what it takes to achieve the goals you set yourself. And that's the power of intention on "off days"

My personal intention right now, with Cultivating Champions, is to show up the best I can every single day, and provide you phenomenal kids and parents with some great information that will help you get out of your own head, out of your own way, and help you achieve what it is you desire to achieve in life

That's my intention. What's yours for today?

Actionable Tips + Questions:

  • What's your intention for your sport this year?
  • What's your intention for school this term?
  • What's your intention for today?
Nick Maier