104 - don't wish it were easier...

We all wish things could be easier in life, don't we? We find ourselves in these times of adversity, of hardships - times when we're staring that obstacle right in the eyes and thinking "there's got to be an easier way..."

We immediately seek the path of least resistance, which is okay in a sense... but where we go wrong is that this path of least resistance is usually making excuses, stepping down to a lower level, or waving the white flag and walking away for good - sweeping those dreams into the inner echelons of our minds

When instead we should find power from the wise words of Jim Rohn: "Don't wish is were easier, wish you were better"

Imagine your favourite shooter video game. It gets harder and harder as you go along, and your character gets stronger and stronger due to this. If we were to remove all those massive zombie attacks or the "bosses"/challenges at the end of each level/mission, you wouldn't play it... as it'd be too easy, you'd lose interest, and all you'd do is walk around in the games environment...

Personally, that's a thanks, but no thank you from me - the adversity, the challenges, the work, that's the real gift

The reason we wish it were easier is as an organism, physiologically we weren't designed to continually push, slog, and burn the candle at both ends. We were made for "aubrey quote". We need periods of "x" followed by periods of recuperation and relaxation...

But we live in a time where we're told the story that we always need to be "on"... that we always need to be doing something... and to do so, we step away from how we "feel" and cannot tie into what our body is telling us. So we mask this with the use of stimulants to help keep the fire burning, to help keep us "on", and to help keep us trudging forward at a slow and painful rate

But the truth is, we were meant to sprint with that 20kg backpack to our destination, then take it off and enjoy the view, enjoy fishing in that river close by, enjoy the time with friends and family until it's time to sprint again. But in reality, we trudge, one painful step at a time with our heads down, unable to take in all the beauty around us

Life isn't a sprint, nor is it a marathon - it's a trail run where we get to stop and take in all the beauty happening around us whenever we like

Actionable Tips + Questions:

  • What in my life do I wish were easier? Why do I want it to be easier? How can I shift my perspective around this task to see that it's actually a positive to have in my life, as it's going to help me become a better person and level up
  • Where in my life am I currently trudging along, going through the motions and feeling worse for wear from it? Do I need a short break before changing tactics and going into a sprint? If so, how can I go about this? What are the 1-3 tasks I can identify and prioritise and go all-in on them in a sprint?
Nick Maier